Goodbye Love Poem

A Boy Leaving A Girl

Every day a girl gets left by a boy. Sometimes it is even without reason. I was once left, and I have expressed the way it made me feel through poetry.

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The Playmaker

Megan A. Sanchez ©

Published: March 2017

You made me feel majestic and wanted.
When you were with me I felt flawless.
You even told me I meant the world to you.
I should have known that was too good to be true.

If I meant so much to you then why was it so easy to leave?
Obviously it wasn’t that hard of an escape plan to conceive.
You managed to make time with your other friends.
Why not me?

I could never leave because you seemed to be a necessity.
It’s hard to believe that I could possess so much stupidity.

Right now the game you designed hurts,
But one day I’ll forget I even played.
No one should have to encounter the feeling of getting slayed.
For such a long amount of time I was afraid.
I feel sorry for the next one who has to get preyed.

You make it effortless to say goodbye,
But I can, too.


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