Poem about Teen Life

Poem About Life And The Struggles I Faced

I wrote this poem so that I could face the true facts about myself. I was feeling depressed and I told myself that I needed to wake up and realize that I can change, that there was hope for me and that I just have to keep pushing on to find it. I have faced so many different challenges in life. Most people just give up, but I don't want to give up. I want to better myself for my family. I'm only 15 and I have so much ahead of me.

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The Road Of Life


Published: December 2013

You are a strong individual, bright and talented.
You just fell off and you need help getting up.
But you are ashamed, ashamed to let people know  you are scared.
You crawl through the hate and pain so that no one will see you trying to pick yourself up.

It hurts so bad, but you still go on.
Once you are back up you strive for perfection.
You hold your head so high you don't see what's beneath you.
So you trip.

You have tripped over loneliness,
but you pick yourself up and you keep going.
Still you have your head held high not looking down.
You make it a little farther this time.

You come to a hole in the road but you don't see it because you
are still looking up.
You fall in this hole of anger,
You are angry with the world for the way you were treated.

Now you are desperate for help,
trying your best to claw your way out,
but you keep falling back in deeper and deeper.

So you sit there wallowing in your own anger,
Hating yourself for what you have become.
No one can save you but yourself.

The loneliness and pain is stinging,
but you have no love to heal them.
So you cry and scream,
but that is not going to help you one bit.

You realize you will never get out until you pick yourself
up and crawl your own way out.
No one put you there but yourself.
Now you have to get yourself out.

You get up and begin to crawl.
You slip a few times, but you don't give up.
Now you have done it.
You made your way out of the hole.

You dust yourself off and begin to walk.
But wait.
Now you have a different perspective.
You don't hold your head so high,
just high enough to see where you are going.

This time you make it very far.
You smile as you realize who you are, and that it's ok to
be different from others.
You realize that you are who you are and that no one
can ever change that.


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