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Well you know how everybody says I'm beautiful and pretty? Well that's how roses are. One day my friend compared me to a rose and said that I have thorns that poked you when you least expected it (my anger). And it just came out like non stop with that poem. And it's like how I feel about myself.

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The Rose


Published: March 2014

Why do you say that you love me?
I'm not very loveable.
I'm like a rose.
I may be pretty, smell nice, and seem innocent, but I've got many hurtful thorns.
I may prick you, but again, I'm very pretty.
I do love you, this is true, but I'm no good for you.
I'll make one too many mistakes.
You're too good for me.
I don't deserve you.
I've got too many thorns.
I'll hurt you one too many times.
I'll never get why anybody would care for me.
I'll NEVER get why I attract guys.
I'm no good for anybody.
I'll only hurt everybody.
So, again I ask, why do you say you love me?
Me, the rose.


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