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The Spring Of Nineteen Ninety Nine

© more by Jackie

Published: July 2009

There were good times and bad,
the good times were great and the bad times were sad.

We would tell stories and play dress up with her jewelry,
and at the end of each visit she always said she loved me.

She was beautiful yet she did not boast,
because it was friends and family she loved the most.

She had gorgeous curly hair,
mine was awful but she didn't care.

We chased each other all around that tiny house.
she was the cat and I was her mouse.

She loved to sing, to shop, to play
she knew how to fix a bad day.

She lost her famous gleaming smile,
after she had been ill for quite a while.

We spent most of the next couple days
sitting in the hospital looking at the x-rays.

One morning we found clumps of hair on her pillow,
but it was not time for her to go.

When she accidentally glanced at the mirror,
all she saw was a disease without a cure.

It was just the next year in the spring of nineteen ninety nine,
when the phone rang and it was her saying she was feeling fine.

Unfortunately the good times ahead she thought she had did not last,
for the good times were gone and she couldn't keep living in her past.

It was just the next month still in the spring of nineteen ninety nine,
when the phone rang but it wasn't her and she wasn't fine.

She died wearing her famous gleaming smile,
one that I hadn't seen for quite a while.

At church when the choir begins to sing,
I close my eyes and remember that spring.


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