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The Text That Kept Me Alive

I wrote this at 1:00 am while crying. After a self-harm episode I got a text saying that I was loved and everyone was wondering where I was since I wasn't at church.

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The Text

Alicia Dunn ©

Published: October 1, 2018

10:30 pm
There's a girl in the bathroom, crying in a tub
With a razor in her hand,
Covered in blood.

11:00 pm
That same girl is sitting on her bed,
Thoughts running rampant,
Wishing she were dead.

12:00 am
She goes to a store
And buys rope.
Her neck is what it's for.

9:00 am
Her parents go out.
She ties up the noose
And keeps telling herself, "This is it, no doubt."

9:15 am
She has the rope around her neck.
But suddenly her phone goes off.
She tells herself, "I will regret it if I don't check."

9:30 am
She's sitting on her bed, in tears,
Reading a text,
And it's taking away all her fears.

9:31 am
The text says, "I love you and I'll always be there."
It continues with, "I just wanted you to know I pray for you every day and night."
She carefully took off the noose and stepped down from the chair.

9:40 am
The noose is unraveled and on the ground.
She throws out her razors
And prays to God, "Thank you for making me found."



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