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Hey there.
My forte is dark poetry. I'm an ordinary person, but I have this half in me which is almost equivalent to a sadomasochistic sociopathic psychopath. (Don't know if that made sense to you, but that sort of narrows it down)

I hope you enjoy my entries.
Don't me afraid to message me on Facebook, I don't bite... hard.

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The Vampiress


Published: October 2013

Seduction, leaks off her flesh,
attracting men, like bees to honey.
With her long black hair shinning with smoothness,
and a sexy snake-like body.

Her eyes, they pierce through you,
with that unearthly beauty.
Blood red they glow, magnificent hue,
as they stare with a look; predatory.

Slim corpse-like fingers,
caress the face of her testosterone filled meal.
The smell of blood on her body lingers,
making any man, a slave to her deadly appeal.

She smiles sinisterly,
her face slightly distorted.
Every move she makes is bewitchingly sexy,
a glamor dance, readily accepted.

Fingers nails, as fast a lightening,
cut through her prey's throat like hot knife to butter.
With outrageous moaning and groaning,
she drinks the dark gore as it sputters.

She swallows the warm thick liquid
to quench her insatiable thirst.
Gaining strength from the fluid,
and finally pops the head of first.

Her elongated canines,
stained with the breath of life.
She alone dines,
on this unlucky soul, late tonight.

With the sun, her immortal enemy,
In her world, behold the Dark Impress.
Kneel before this heartless Queen,
surrender your blood, to the Vampiress.


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