Loving Poem about Family

A girl writes about her family and her expectation that they be there for her when she needs them. Instead the opposite is true. They put her down and tell her that she's no good. She's determined to disprove their expectations for her.

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Published: February 2006

I'm not strong,
and their words are big.
I feel like I don't belong,
And I know that's what they want.

I try to stand,
But they knock me down.
They crush my fantasy land,
And all of my dreams.

They hate me,
But I don't hate them.
They don't think I could be,
Anything to be proud of.

I'm open to them,
But they close their door.
They don't think I deserve him,
The one I love.

They think he is too good,
For someone like me.
They think I should,
Be perfect.

I look for help,
But they turn away.
When I yelp,
They don't even care.

When I'm in trouble,
You'd expect them there,
On the double.
But they aren't.

They look down on me,
And don't expect much to come out of my life.
But I'll make them see,
I'm better than what they think.

After all the pain,
I had to get used to.
It started to leave a stain,
That could never wash out.

I have grown immune,
To their words.
And I'm gunna ruin,
All their plans for me.

Their plans of me failing,
Instead I will win.
Their plans of me bailing,
But I'll stick to it.

I'll prove I should be proud of,
And I'm better than they think.
And I deserve more love,
Than what they gave to me



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