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This is a poem I wrote and I read at the beginning of a memorial rodeo in honor of my best friend Doug Crowder. He was killed in a tragic accident. Many of our close friends gather every year in his behalf and this is my reflection of our life while traveling to rodeos together Thank You

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Published: February 2009

I know you're still out there, looking down on us with that "Doug Crowder Flair".

Kicking back in your chair, your feet propped up, your back to the sun.
Ready for your favorite rodeo
The one you know, where all your boys will come.

Many a clouds have passed and days gone by.
Since we stood side by side and unsaddled our horses under the same sky.
Whether we were taking in those hot summer days or driving home on a long summer night,
Telling each other stories or eating our dinner by only the glare, off the dash lights.

I can never forget when we were boys, roping, laughing, so ambitious, so young.
No worries, no cares, we were invincible, just friendship, roping, family and fun.

Load up in the truck and off we would go talking smack about anything, like who could rope fast.
A great time in our lives, the best memories of friendship, an unforgettable past.

Growing up the future seemed so bright, so adventurous and such a sure thing.
Thought we had life already figured out, our plans, our goals, what life would bring.

True love, good family, maybe even a ranch in the hills.
Work hard, play harder, rope good, have fun and try to pay the bills.

Never once did we think about how life could change so fast, so much.
Life is so fragile, not granted but a gift to those you can touch.

So even today as I speak and it seems our friend is so far away.
His smile, his warmth, his heart shines down on all of us today.

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