Relationship Poem by Teens

Lesbian Love

This is a poem I wrote for my English class.
It's for my ex girlfriend Andrea. When you read it you will understand.

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This Is For Andrea


Published: August 2011

Women shall not lie with women
But I did so
They told me it was not natural
But for me it was happiness
Her voice in my ear was like the sweetness of dew on a fresh piece of melon
My mother tried to hide me
But I ran away, like a moth from the flame.
Flying as fast as I could to meet her in the meadow
We held hands scared for our lives
As we reached the lake house her eyes met mine
The stars seemed to glisten brighter with every kiss
The crackles and whispers from the forests didn't bother us none
As we slept under the stars I imagined our new life together
But when I awoke she lay there dead with a broken bough in her heart
I sat upon her and laid with her till my body became as cold as hers
Women shall not lie with women



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