Relationship Poem by Teens

Poem About A Lost Boy I Wanted To Love

I met a boy that looked simple as can be, but in three different nights I saw and felt the depth in his soul.

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This Is For You

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Published: July 2014

I met a boy,

He walked these streets
with his tiresome feet.
The drama that surrounded him was constantly on repeat,
fighting battles that seemed to always end in defeat.
A steady state of mind became hard to keep.
Now he is drinking and smoking himself to sleep.
A lost boy silently screaming for some inner peace,
but his problems just increased.
Out of the shadows some demons were released,
and his innocence was their feast.
Left with a soul that was incomplete,
he was now a boy with a missing piece.

I know a boy,

I stayed with him 'til sunrise,
and during that time I realized
the raw emotional conflict he carried inside.
Even though he tried to mask it with pride,
I saw the war in his eyes.
A lost boy in disguise
staying out all night to hide
away those silent cries
that grew from endless lies.

I knew a boy...

He was a blessing
that held a lesson:
"You cannot love away scars
that are not ready to part
with a damaged heart."



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