Anger Poem about Love

Not Taking A Man Back After Leaving

This is a poem I wrote for my daughter after taking her boyfriend back after three times of him leaving her because of his drinking and his mental abuse toward her. Until the last time he tried coming back to her, she finally opened her eyes and realized his ongoing pattern of coming back to her.

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This Time You Cannot Stay

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Published: July 2017

Said you are a new changed man, asking me to take you back.
When you left me, love and passion were what you lacked.

You walked away, leaving me with a bleeding wound so many times before.
I was a fool to let your foolish scheme be ignored.

Remembering the times you discredited me and made me feel so small.
I forgave you from your saddened tears, hoping you were done with it all.

Said you could rebuild my shattered self-worth and my bleeding heart.
I looked into your persuasive eyes, knowing you were still playing the part.

My love for you has died and withered away. This time you cannot stay.
My heart no longer feels sadness or loneliness as you walk away.

Your lies and your foolish pride play back in my mind with an alarm alerting me.
My tarnished past with you is but a hazy memory; now I can clearly see.



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