Mother Poem

Our children give us much more than sleepless nights. They give us the ability to see the world through their eyes. This is a priceless gift.

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Through The Eyes Of A Child


Published: February 2006

Through the Eyes of a Child

Her eyes opened for the first time and my life was forever changed
She did not see my face as I did; she saw a face she loved for no reason she could understand
I was young, beautiful, and pure through the eyes of a child

I held her close and was not afraid to express the love I felt for her
I hugged her and the cares of the world slipped away
I was loving, caring and sensitive through the eyes of a child

As we laughed I saw the humor in my faults and those of others
As we played I saw the world for its wonder and miracles
I was an optimist through the eyes of a child

She wept only when she needed to be nourished, cleaned, or loved
As many of the faceless people do for the same needs
I was compassionate through the eyes of a child

I held her as she fell asleep in the late hours of the night
She looked at me one more time to be assured she was not alone in the silence
I was needed through the eyes of a child

She awoke with a look of wonder to the day as she did all the others before
I awoke to prepare, share and guide her in the journey
I was wise through the eyes of a child

My life is forever changed:

Each day I awake with a feeling of hope and purpose
I am loving, beautiful, caring, sensitive, needed, compassionate and wise



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