Sister Death Poem

To a Sister In Law Lost

To a sister in law lost, and the pain I know your family, including my husband is going through. A tragic young girls death. We love you Kimberly Nicole Hittle.

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The Family


Published: August 2010

I watch him as he falls to the ground
He heart is breaking with out a sound,
What do I do what do I say,
I may never know on this tragic day.

He questions God and why is it this way,
But there is a reason we just can't contemplate.
You were so young and so much life to live,
But I consider you gave all you had to give.

How does a family get through such hard times,
We must stick together even though we don't understand why.
I watch them grieve and cry and mourn,
The baby girl the last born.

We must stick together and become strong as one,
Family is the most important love.
We will miss  you forever and remember your face,
God will bring you to us in his special way.

We'll remember the good times and the hard times too,
You were only 18 but there were more than a few.
As the years go by we will pass along your life;
To my children I am your brothers wife.

We love you Kimberly God rest your soul, you are greatly loved and greatly missed, we will keep your memory alive!


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