Mother Death Poem

To My Loving Sister-In Law

Dedicated to my loving sister-in law June. I wrote this for her daughter, who wanted help to write something special for her mum.

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Shinning Star


Published: June 2008

when you walk into the night
take the time to sit and rest
I am the star up in the sky
look closely now and I will shine

Do not cry
babes of mine
unfortunately it was my time
I shine brightly in the sky
and watch you all
as nights go by

Tis being a year
since I left you dear
but I'm always near
forever there

I feel your love surrounding me
and this remains forever with me
So watch the stars and you will see
that shinning one is only me

cry not my babes
for I am free
from the pain
that riddled me

the sky is my home now
just you see
that shinning star is again me
but all around me are other stars
we once were there
but now we're here
we gather together to light up the night
so you and others won't lose your sight

and so to all who gathered here
close your eyes and you will hear
a voice that comes from deep within
softly saying
I never left you
my little ones
just a rest
and then will be one!



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