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Poem About Forms of Junk Mail

Do you ever feel this way? I had to write it.

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Unsubscribe Me


Published: May 2014

Unsubscribe me from your mailing list.
You must think I'm a sap.
I don't even know you,
and I'd never buy your crap.

Unsubscribe me, friend, from e-mails
that want to threaten me
if I don't send them to ten others...
Let it be the death of me

Unsubscribe me please from Facebook.
I find that I don't care,
about the boring conversations
that I'm always finding there.

Unsubscribe me, too, from Twitter.
What a waste of time.
If I put a value on that site
It would be less than a dime.

My mailbox is so cluttered
I beg you on my knees,
Unsubscribe me, unsubscribe me.
Unsubscribe me PLEEEEZE!

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