Rape Poem by Teens

Attacked By A Group Of Men

When I was 19, I met a guy at my college that really liked me and wanted to date me. At the time I had too much going on in my life to even think about a boyfriend, so when he asked me out I turned him down. This made him very angry, although he disguised it very well. He invited me to hang out one night at a park that we usually hung out at. I didn't think anything of it, so I agreed to meet him. When I got there, I got out of my car and started walking over to him but realized he wasn't alone...

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Published: February 2017

Dark and cold was the night.
As the wind howled and flickered the light,
I got out of my car to meet a friend.
Instead, what I found was a group of men.
They chased me through an empty park,
Caught me, grabbed me, like a pack of sharks.
Scared and frightened not knowing what to do,
Fighting and pleading while being used.

Held tight by solid hands,
Bound by rope against my skin,
Needles going into places... untold.
In and out they go
While round and round I go.
Laughter filling my ears
As they lift me up and suspend me in the air.
Hanging by a rope,
Things go black and I start to choke.
I wake up scared
With lights aglare,
Sirens ringing
As my body's bleeding.

Days of recovery is what it took
To step outside and take a look.
What a cruel world this is
To be able to take a young girl's life like they did.
What once was an innocent soul
Has been corrupted by men so bold.
Years have passed, but still my heart aches.
Disguised in fake smiles and laughter it takes
To get through a life that was torn away
Conquered by the ones
Whose lives go untamed.

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