Alone Poem by Teens

It was all too much..
I couldn't watch my mother get hurt any longer
My siblings were astound by the way he was treating her so he wanted us gone.. we never left.. and the more attached to mum we got the more pain we all went through..
He's gone now, home is a safe place (:

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Vandalizing Me


Published: November 2011

I was happy once
but never again
will I stand for your ignorance
and suffer your pain

I have tried to maintain
the sanity of mind
but every step I take
Is just a step behind

I look out of my window
and plan my escape
But the more I accomplish
the less steps I take

Year after year
I suffer more
Being ignored and hated
is not what I'm for

I am just young
there's no need for my hurt
You've seen me cry but
I'm still treated like dirt

I long for company
From a personal friend
But the more I explain it
The guiltier I am

I  haven't a coin
Or a note as such
But a few extra dollars
wouldn't hurt you that much

But the daily abuse
and hatred from you
just gives me more choice
on what I should do

I could easily have
a police man on side
to take you away
so I don't have to hide

You think you are king
But you are just a fool
Who do you think you are
You are so far from cool

You are such a child
a manipulative one
who can't stand a chance
against me and my mum

Yeah serve me bad food
and call me bad names
but I am much too smart
for your childish mind games

You see me whisper
In my mothers right ear
but then you just mock us
and let out a sneer

I am happy that mum
can finally see
that your good for nothing
just vandalizing me....


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