Abuse Poem

Molested By A Family Member

I was molested when I was about 5 years old until I was 9 by someone who was supposed to show me right from wrong. Whenever I was sleeping I awoke to the words "Wake Up." Mornings, nights, nap times she took her chances with me. Obviously when we were alone, she would always try to keep me hush by telling me I would enjoy it as well, but no, I could not enjoy something I didn't understand, let alone something I didn't want happening. I'm 19 now. I don't think I'll ever understand why she chose to wake me up.

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Wake Up


Published: June 2017

Wake up, Momma and Daddy are gone, for now we have time.
Wake up, hurry I need to feel good for a little, you'll be ok. You'll like it too.
I lie awake on my back as you take charge and I young, unaware, confused wondering will it be done.
I lie awake as she begins to peel off my clothes with the hands that help me get dressed for school.
Why is she kissing me how mommy and daddy kiss?
I lie awake as she moves me on top of her and forces me to use my mouth;
my mouth was used to eat other things.
I lie awake hearing her moans as she uses my tongue for dirty things;
my first kiss forced upon me.
I lie awake while my tiny hands are used to massage her body as she whispers doesn't this feel good;
my tiny hands no longer tools for coloring.
I lie awake as I hear Mommy and Daddy are back.
She seems no longer to enjoy her dirty work.
Wake up, Momma and Daddy are back we don't have much time, get dressed!
Wake up, hurry we can feel good another time.
Everything will be ok, just don't tell Momma and Daddy.
I lie awake now knowing I wasn't the only one.
I lie awake now knowing I wasn't the only one she was waking up.

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