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I had my first boyfriend when I was 16 years old. We really liked each other, but we hid what was going on from our parents. When my parents found out, I was in trouble. I acted too quickly and broke up with him, thinking that he would try to fight for me. Instead, he began to ignore me. He wouldn't speak to me for a year, almost two, and this poem was written in the middle of the night probably about a year and a couple months since the breakup. I was still in pain; he had been my world.

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Waking Dream


Published: September 2013

So tired, but unable to sleep
Too hot, then too cold
Can't get comfy; too sore to move
Eyes closed, but nothing happens
Mind going a million different places
All at once, but nowhere near sleep
Does it fly.
Wondering if it's true that if I can't sleep
It means I'm awake in a dream
Of someone else.
Is it bad to hope I'm awake in yours?
Or maybe I'm awake in his.
He being the true one.
All I know is, I can't sleep
And yeah, I still think about you
But honestly, that doesn't
Make you special at all.
I hate you for what you did to me
But I still love who you are
Or at least who I thought you were
Because that's not you anymore.
When you're awake in my dreams,
Can you sleep?
I can't.
I always wake up in tears.
My conscious is done crying over you
But my subconscious can't stop.
There's a connection that can't break
And you're killing me with it
By ignoring it so long.
But hey, you got what you wanted,
And I'm no longer your problem.
But subconsciously, you're still mine
And I don't know how to fix you.
So I won't try; you're not worth it.
Not any more.
So good bye.
Parting is such sweet sorrow.
Or is it?


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