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I did a project in school on children in conflict. What was going on really hit me. I mean they're only kids; they have the right to live a normal life just like other kids around the world. I'm only a kid myself, and I would rather take my life than be in a situation like those kids are facing. My poem is aimed at kids facing any sort of violence due to war.

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War Child


Published: October 2011

I wake up in the morning to the cries of hurt and anger
I wish I'd wake up to cries of joy and laughter
I wake up every morning hoping it will all be gone
But the fighting the war has only just begun
I'd play out in my mind that I could beg for them to stop just for a while
But no! What do they care I'm just a war child

I'd go to sleep every night with the fear of not being able to last another day
Oh please please help this child many would say
But deep down I know those people's urgent calls
Will be returned with bombs shooting or nothing at all
The shock that they turn to shooting even if you smile
Is abhorrent but what do they care I'm just a war child

I'd hope for a place to truly call home
But how can it be with all the peace and harmony gone
It hurts and pains to know the people doing this have neither regret nor remorse
But instead curfews and more undeserved punishment is what they've enforced
Enemies upon us our country reviled
But what do they care I'm just a war child

I'd cry puddles full of tears day to day
Hoping someone my mummy or even my daddy come by say it's ok
But no one will ever care I'm just a war child.


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