Anger Poem by Teens

One night I decided to sit down and write a poem for each guy that meant something to me once upon a time.
This one goes to my most recent luster, the one I went to when my mother died. She was all I had and without her I felt I was nothing. So I went to him and expected a shoulder, I found that he was only there for so long before he needed my shoulder.
lets just say, it's complicated.

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Were do I begin?


Published: October 2013

Were do I begin?
How you closed me out, or let me in?

You held my hand when things got rough but
You shut me out when you had enough.
You used me, Verbally abused me but
You never let go of my hand.

You walked & talked like a man but I could see,
The child you used to be.
The pain that hid down in your heart was
ultimately what kept us apart.

I was Always there to understand
the pain you felt, but you wouldn't let me in.
And when I needed you to pull me up,
You did with just a tease.

You showed me there was no hope for me
to get through my grief.


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