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My name is Samantha and I am in my 2nd year of middle school.
My best friend and I used to be so close, but she always worried about being popular. Now she has abandoned her true friends to hang out with a bunch of fakes, who only want to be friends with her for her stuff and popularity. I still worry about her getting hurt and I want her to escape this nightmare she has entered.

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Thanks for this poem. Five stars. This poem is so accurate. I, too was on your side of that situation, and it sucked. My friend and I were so close, and all of a sudden reality wasn't...

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What Ever Happened To Our Friendship?


Published: February 2011

We knew we would be best friends at the start,
That first day of school,
will always stay in my heart.

Life without each other,
would've never been an option.

Graduation from elementary soon came,
Both filled with excitement,
what laid ahead for middle school,
Fears and worries surprised us,
but we new we had each other.

We got through the first year together,
Second year,
What happened?

You're not the true you,
I don't know what happened,
All I know is,
that I want you back.

I remember the times we laughed and gossiped,
But now you tell me,
there is no time for that.

I walked down the halls,
no one beside me,
But I look in front,
and there you stood.

I look you over,
head to toe,
standing there,
in total disgust.

Your hair all fluffed,
face covered in paint,
skirt pulled up high,
surrounded by fakes.

My eyes tear up,
as I can see,
my memories of you and me,
just fading away.

I think of what my best friend has become,
a girl disguised as a clown,
abandoning those who loved her most,
but now all I see is a girl trapped in a nightmare,
no way to get out.......


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  • Towela Banda by Towela Banda
  • 1 year ago

I had a close male friend who I never knew had a best friend. We were so close even though our personalities were totally different. Everything changed when he called me a liar. From there, our friendship has never been the same, but deep down I really want to mend our mistake.

  • Brielle Meyer by Brielle Meyer
  • 3 years ago

Thanks for this poem. Five stars. This poem is so accurate. I, too was on your side of that situation, and it sucked. My friend and I were so close, and all of a sudden reality wasn't important anymore. Suddenly, life was about flirting with boys and being popular. But guess what? I don't even miss her anymore. When someone burns you, you don't even want them anymore. No one deserves to be treated like that, but so many of us are. I'm so glad I found this poem, so thank you. To anyone else reading this, don't even try with fake people. They are so much work. Those kinds of people can change you; don't let yourself be changed.

  • Samantha by Samantha Poet
  • 10 years ago

Thanks! The girl who used to be my best friend, she talks to me from time to time like nothing ever happened between us. I hate it when girls are fake. This girl taught me to only be friends with people who are true and genuine people. I hate cliques so much. I think people should be friends with anyone that they get along with even if they aren't a part of their "social circle"

  • Bella D''monte by Bella D''monte
  • 10 years ago

I know exactly how you feel my best friend dumped me for all these fakes and I'm still confused how it all happened and it nearly been a year.....she was my best friend we did everything together and now she awkwardly waves at me from time to time but that's all a fake smile and a forced wave. after everything we have been through together that's it? I had so much hate towards her last year when she ditched me to become popular but sooner or later it will come back at her....I feel sorry for her though she doesn't have real friends and she's a fake!

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