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This poem is dedicated to my aunt, whose boyfriend committed suicide last week. They'd been together most of my life, and it's been really hard for her. This is an idea of what I would say to him if I could talk to him. RIP Chris. We'll never forget you.

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I know I might be late with replying, but if this helps, talk to him to see what went wrong. I have been in your shoes before. My friend is threatening to kill herself, and she is only 13. I...

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What I Would Tell Him

© more by Alexsys

Published: August 2011

She says she's okay
She says she's all right.
She says she's forgiven you
For what you did that night,
But you hurt her.
Don't you see?
She's picking up the pieces
of who she used to be.
You have your problems,
this much she knew.
But even after you broke her heart,
she never stopped loving you.
And now she always cries
for the love that she's lost.
When you ended everything,
did you not think about the cost?!
She loved you, you heartless monster!
She loved you with all her heart!
And this is how you repay her?!
By choosing to depart?!
Maybe I'm just angry.
After all, I miss you too.
I just don't think it's fair,
that this is what it's come to.
I know that with time she'll heal,
and she'll find the strength to go on.
But the scar will stay in her heart,
as long as you're gone.


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  • Kaley Hinkle by Kaley Hinkle
  • 10 years ago

My boyfriend keeps threatening to kill himself, and I cried when I read this

  • Poppy-ellenDo by Poppy-ellenDo
  • 2 years ago

I know I might be late with replying, but if this helps, talk to him to see what went wrong. I have been in your shoes before. My friend is threatening to kill herself, and she is only 13. I spoke to her parents and found out what had happened. She was getting picked on... I spoke to Codie and asked if I could help. She said, "The only thing you could do is to make this all go away," so I did. I confronted that person and explained what she had caused. Codie is no longer talking about killing herself. Sometimes if you ask what's wrong, you can stop or even prevent it. Just talk to him. See if you can do anything to help. It worked for me...

Wow, the story Makayla told seriously made me cry. Since my almost-uncle killed himself, my best friend killed himself, and 3 more of my friends died in a plane crash. Anyways, I wrote this soon after I found out Chris had died, so it really shows my initial anger at him. I felt that same anger after my best friend killed himself, mainly because we were really close and I thought he would've told me something. I didn't even know he'd been depressed until it was too late to help him. My friend's brother killed himself a few years ago, and his birthday was a few days ago, so I might write something for him. Let me say one last thing. If you feel scared, depressed, angry, etc., and you don't see a way out, tell someone you trust. Life's too good to cut short.

  • Makayla by Makayla, Massachusetts
  • 10 years ago

My aunt killed herself and it was hard on everyone and it was because my uncle had been abusing her. I wrote a poem like this but opposite and can only remember a few lines but your poem inspired me to go find it and give it to my dad who really misses her. Here is a sample
The bruise he left you were nothing compared
To your tears inside, how much you were scarred
some say it was truly him who took your away
But I shed a tear thinking today
we would have been there had you asked or maybe we didn't see
And I thought you could've turned to me
But the overdose that ended everything
Made your brother cry and the angels sing
yet somehow this man runs free
Inflicting upon others that same misery
We will miss you unto our final breath
and hate the man who pushed you to your death

  • Lily by Lily, Los Angelas
  • 10 years ago

My best friend Emily she killed herself over a prank that her boyfriend played on here. This is opposite though but it made that memory come back but I like this.

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