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I actually tried to commit suicide by taking pills because of bullying

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I have never been bullied, before but hearing these stories touch my heart!

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What They Did To Me...


Published: August 2011

I wake up to my alarm going off...
another day,
another scar.

I slowly get out of bed and set to my morning chores.
I take a shower, get dressed
then I put on the darkest make up,
to express my feelings.

I skip breakfast... again,
then I walk to school.
a car goes by,
the window goes down,
a hand reaches out and flips me off,
I hear the fading laughter as the car speeds away,

inside I hear thunder, I see a flash of lightning,
a storm is brewing,
I get soaked, with sorrow and pain.

as I walk into the school building they stare,
they point,
they laugh,
I cry inside.

as I walk down the hall a girl trips me,
I fall, everything in my bag come out.
my laptop falls out on top,
the girl takes a water bottle,
opens it and tips it over,
I have no more laptop.

I walk on,
they spit in my direction,
I walk into class,
I go to sit down in my assigned seat,
gum is stuck onto the seat,
I take a napkin and try to get it all off,

the bell rings,
class starts,
the passing of the notes begin,
each one gets nastier and meaner.

the school day is finally over,
I head home.
I get on my desktop computer to check my emails,
then it finally hits me,
I will never be accepted,
message after message, I read each one...

finally I had enough,
I decided to end it all,
I took the gun my dad gave me for my 13th birthday,
put it up to my head and shot myself.

that's what they did to me,
they killed me...


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  • Ruth by Ruth
  • 3 years ago

I have never been bullied, before but hearing these stories touch my heart!

  • Kate McLauren by Kate McLauren
  • 6 years ago

Hey guys
My name is Kavya and I'm 13 years old. I was bullied throughout my whole school life, starting from prep all the way up to now. I was racially and physically abused because of my nationality (Indian) and appearance (dusky skin, jet black hair) in comparison to everyone else. I was like most of you, ignoring them for a bit, talking back, until I realised it was game over. I had seriously considered suicide a couple of times, till my parents sensed that something was wrong. Complaining to the principal didn't help, they couldn't believe that the particular student (no names mentioned) would ever torture someone. That's when I realised, time's up. Can't stand it anymore. Making a stand for yourself or standing up really shows the bully that you're capable of slamming them back. If they call you a blackie, say, 'I don't care what you say, and I'm proud of who I am'. It really gets them to shut the hell of their mouths up.

  • Mia by Mia
  • 7 years ago

My story is that I am 13 everyone picks on me, they chuck stuff at me, they call me names but I ignore them. That's when it builds up and I feel like dying. I wish all the time that it would be over the next day but when it comes it never is. Everyone just picks on me and I am the victim all the time so someone help me I want it to be over.

  • Madison by Madison, King
  • 8 years ago

I am only 12 years old and more than once I have really thought of committing suicide. This poem really spoke to me. Thank you.

  • Thomas by Thomas
  • 9 years ago

I was teased in school everyday and I really admire my friends courage to strive in rumors. Every day , I was being mentally tortured like hell, in fact WORSE than hell. The rumor in fact dates back to elementary school when they spread things and could seamlessly extend to secondary school , I was feeling so sad that I nearly died due to cutting and jumping from top stories, someone actually stopped me from doing so, and I am alive today.

  • Jade by Jade, Melbourne
  • 9 years ago

This is my favourite poem because I can relate to it a lot.

  • Kaleb P by Kaleb P
  • 9 years ago

I love where your mind is but the end is too depressing. I'm bullied too but suicide isn't the answer. Just read them words hurt and black heart. Anyway on to my story, I have be bullied since third grade, and you never let it go, for starters, tell an adult, but sometimes telling an adult isn't the answer, you got to stand up to them. They called me names, punched me, and mocked me. Believe me I've thought over suicide too but that's an extreme

  • Savannah by Savannah, Washington
  • 9 years ago

My story started in second grade. At first I let it go, the exclusions, the gossip, the punches. But I got the lesson that it was not cool too late. I got the idea to talk to some one when it was too late. I could smile and I could laugh, but it was never real. I thought they were my friends, but learned I was wrong when they went to the extreme to fit in. I got socked in the face, and if they laughed, everyone had to laugh. My heart could not stand letting it get to me, so I pretend it does not hurt... that was my other mistake. My mom and dad, it seemed they could tell something wasn't going well. They had me watch anti-suicidal videos, and all that, so that I would not hurt myself. I eventually tried hanging, but I lost that idea half way through. I told my mom, and I was sent to a treatment center. It sucks, but at least I am feeling better, and have friends that care about me now. We kid around, and we enjoy each other. I took a chance and it helped me. I will be going to a new school soon, so I won't have to put up with what I went through again. Thank God.

  • Kelsey by Kelsey
  • 9 years ago

People always stare at me because I have brown hair. They judge me cuz I like the actresses Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande. They call me names all the time whenever I say hi they look at me like something is wrong me. I have been bullied since I was 8 years old. They make fun of me cuz I have a twitter and that I talk to people on twitter that I will never meet. They especially judge me for the way I look.

  • Sophie by Sophie
  • 10 years ago

I have been bullied all my school life and no one has ever taken it seriously until now. I live near a RAF base and the kids from the base have tormented me for 8 years. I am physically abused and mentally. I am clever, kind and helpful my school report said so I don't know what I am doing wrong.
I have great respect for the armed forces but it is hard to with the extent of my bullying. If you knew how bad it is you would as well.
my mum says
Just ignoring it does not work when will you adults get that. We can't just block it out, It will scar us for the rest of our lives if you don't stop it we need you not to ignore it

  • Stephannie Mossiah by Stephannie Mossiah
  • 10 years ago

I have never been bullied, but this poem spoke to me. I started a anti-bully club a my school, that when I really noticed all the bulling that had been happening right under my nose, and I couldn't see. Most people are afraid to say they are bullied and it's so sad, b/c a girl killed herself because she was a bully and I couldn't help.

  • Georgia by Georgia
  • 10 years ago

This is really sad it moved me because I am only 12 and have been bullied for 6 years it has stopped now but it hurt my and scarred me for life.

  • Bella by Bella, Canada
  • 10 years ago

My best friend killed herself because of bullying this poem really spoke to me

  • Mercy by Mercy
  • 10 years ago

When I just came from Africa, I started school.... kids called me names, laughed at my accent, laughed at my clothes.... Each morning as I wake up for school, I would cried and cried, I was so lonely and depressed. After years and years had passed, I'm about to finish college, got a nice job, and have a stable car. I can totally relate to you, and I'm so sorry that you have to go through.

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