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Poem About How A Wish Could Change Your Life

A dedication to all people who had a wish and used it wisely.

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What A Wish

© more by Maria

Published: May 2008

What to wish
What a wish
A wish is a wish you can wish
A wish is where anything can come true
A wish is where anything can happen
What would you wish for
If you had a wish
Would you wish for money
Or for world peace
Would you wish for all your dreams to come true
Or for a good life
Would you wish to die of old age
Or to have a great life
Me, I would wish for nothing
'Cause to me a wish is a wish
My life is okay
Sure, there would be some things I would love to change
But to change something so small
That you can't even see
Is one precise moment you would lose
Just by that wish you could lose something so great
Even if it was good or bad
Only you would know if you lost what was truly yours
That one moment could change your whole life if you lost what was most special to you
So to me, a wish is a bad thing to wish for
A wish is something that could mess up your whole


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