Cancer Poem

another poem I wrote revealing the utter devastation and heartache felt watching my beloved brother Robert as he battles with pancreatic cancer.

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When Cancer Comes To Call

© more by Shirley Church-Michael

Published: January 2009

just a normal family that's what we were
working class, but with a bond so tight
a loving family about to be torn apart
facing up to his toughest fight.

oh God where are you now
how can you justify?
a young man in his prime of life
how can you let him die?

please just turn back the hands of time
then our pain would disappear,
we would all be so happy again
and I'd watch him celebrate with a pint of beer.

we aint a rich family, that's maybe so
but we're all here for one another
and I swear that all the money in this world
couldn't buy me a better brother.

our lives have changed so much you know
that nothing feels the same
so many tears have fallen
how I hate this waiting game.

to watch your loved one suffer
is simply torture and so unfair
feeling so utterly helpless
is more than we can bear.

such an invasion into our happy home
devastating news to one and all
heartache for the rest of your life
that's what happens, when cancer comes to call.


more by Shirley Church-Michael

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