Christmas Poem

Poem About Wanting To Be With Family For Christmas

This is the poem that I dedicated to my brothers and sisters one Christmas, the first time I left home and wasn't able to come back for Christmas.

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When Christmas Is Blue

© more by Kit Dulay

Published: November 2008

Seated comfortably, fulfilled yet not
Emptiness resides within
The reasons are clear
Comfortable yet missing a lot

Missing the laughter, the company
Longing for the hugs, the jokes
Now it's just the busy city
Full yet it's empty

Sunny and bright, the sun shines
But it's too dark to find
The bright faces teasing me
Bright yet so dim to find lines

The tune is jolly, yes it's true
But I can't hear a genuine note
Deafening loudness but silence lingers within
Loud and jolly yet silent and blue

The table is full and blessed
But there's no one to share with
Missing the thirteen pairs of hands used to hold pieces
Delightful yet tasteless

Truly, what makes everything around you twinkle
Is the source that defines their meaning
What you treasure within your heart when not within reach
Leaves you longing, making the heart crinkle

Eyes searching
Ears waiting
Lips pouting
Nose running
Hands reaching

Smile fades
Heart aches
Tears roll
Wishing next Christmas... it won't be fall


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