Abandonment Poem

Poem About Searching For Mom

A child pleads to her mother to come back and see her.

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Where Are You?


Published: February 2006

Where are you?
I can't find you
I think I lost you
Your pictures are everywhere
Your nose, do you know I have it?
My hands match yours, along with my lips
Where are you?
I'm trying to find you
It's like a maze, when I think I'm close I run into a dead end
Don't you want me to find you?
Are you hiding?
Where are you?
You don't have to be here for me, just
Be here with me
I've raised myself, your part's done
Mom come back, come home
I can't get why it's so
hard for you.
Please come back
You've screwed up your life already
Don't do the same to mine
How do you drop in and
out like this?
Do you think it's right?
Where are you?
I still can't find you
The days of searching are
slowing down
I don't want to give up
on you now.
Mom, find your way.
You'll be with me.
Please come back, mom, and find me.
Where are you?


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