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I wrote this poem about my three year old niece Emelyn, who has gone through most of her life without her daddy, and when she does get to see him it's for a short period of time. so myself and the rest of her family try to give her all the love she needs to keep her strong.

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Beautiful poem. I can tell you wrote this poem from your heart. One of my favorites from this website.

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Where Did Daddy Go?


Published: July 2007

each day I watch her grow and grow,
without the man she'll one day know,

she only sees him every once in a while,
and it breaks my heart just to see her smile,

because I know that beyond that cute little face,
her little heart is breaking from that empty space,

he denied her from birth and said she wasn't his,
until they took his DNA and confirmed that she is,

she's only three and don't know right from wrong,
so we stick by her side to help her stay strong,

each time he walks out of her life were always there,
to show our little Eme that we will always care,

one day I know she'll ask me "Aunt Brittany where did daddy go?"
and I'll reply with "sugarbear I wish that I would know,"

so the next time he sees her I hope that he'll be smart,
and do the right thing by not breaking his little girl's heart



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  • Brittany Rivera by Brittany Rivera
  • 3 years ago

Beautiful poem. I can tell you wrote this poem from your heart. One of my favorites from this website.

  • Raven Brooke Cooper by Raven Brooke Cooper
  • 7 years ago

I know how she feels. I am 15. My Dad cares more about fishing then me. I have only talked to him twice. When I was younger, I had this Wish that my dad would appear in my life and I would have a whole family. I always was wanting to be "Daddy's little girl" but I know it'll never Happen. I'm okay with it now. My mom's good friend Mark is now my dad. I asked him to be.

  • Sandra by Sandra, Newport News Va
  • 8 years ago

This poem hit so close to home it's sad. My daughter is almost 13 now and her daddy denied her from the time I found out I was pregnant up until she was 3 months old. He has walked in and out of her life so many times and each time gets harder. The older she gets the harder it is. You all are in my prayers and my thought. Be strong because god knows that this Little Angel is going to need your strength as the years go on...May God Bless you

  • Barbara by Barbara, Wakefield
  • 9 years ago

I have a young niece who also had her father walk out on her mother in similar circumstances. When she was very little she used to point at news presenters on the TV screen and say 'Daddy!'

She knows who her dad is now, but he has little contact with her.

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