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I'm Angela, 16 years old.. I've been writing since I was a kid. This is for my dad. My mom left him a little over 2 years ago, and my mom took him back and he left again, but this time on his own. Nobody realizes how bad it hurt me.

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I wish I had a normal father just like my friends. A loving and caring support. Dad, you've done so much damage to me. It might not be visible to you since the scars you left are internal,...

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Where Were You Daddy


Published: October 2011

where were you when I was all alone
why weren't you here after I begged you to come home
how could you leave me here by myself, you were all I had
I had enough people to hurt me
I needed my dad

you promised you'll always be here to pick me up when I'll fall
you told me if I ever needed anything,
all I had to do was call
I must have called you a million times that day
I just needed to hear your voice
I needed to know you were okay
but you didn't even answer,
you didn't even say good-bye
I guess you were too drunk to remember about me
or maybe you were just too high

I needed you, Daddy,
I needed you to love me more
but you weren't thinking about me
when you walked out that door

it's sad that you did what you told me every other guy would
if my own dad couldn't love me
I don't see how any guy could

I hated you because you left me here with no one
even now you haven't apologized for anything you've done
you say I need to forgive you, but how when you never even said sorry
who stuck by you right or wrong,
wasn't it me?

just like the typical guy you couldn't love me or appreciate the things I did
I don't even know who you are
you're not the man I looked up to as a kid

I want him back, I want my dad!!
don't you see? nothing else mattered,
he was all I ever had
he was the only one who put me first before everything else
we were a team, Dad
how could you leave me here by myself?

since the first day you left, there's been this space I've so desperately trying to fill
no one understands anymore and these cuts are the only way I numb the pain I feel
I found a way to fill the space, but it's only temporary
they can't erase the pain I've been through
you said I'll always be your baby
Dad, what did I do?!
These boys can't take the insecurities you caused
no matter what they do or say
you were supposed to be here, Daddy,
to take the hurt away

I just want everything to be like it was before you decided it was easier to leave,
before you forgot all the things you promised,
before your drugs meant more to you than me,

I just wish this would all stop,
I wish I could make it all okay
I can't forget 2 years ago
I still blame myself, I should've made you stay
but you should have known better
I would never have wanted you to go
you were my protector, Daddy
you weren't supposed to hurt me; you were suppose to be my hero
but you did hurt me, Dad, and you can't take it back
it'll never be the same
I've become so insecure and you're the one to blame
even if you realize you were wrong and come home tonight
it's done so much damage trying to fill that space
nothing you do will ever make it right

I made some big mistakes trying get your attention
I'm sorry, I cant' take it back no matter how bad I want to
I'm ashamed of my choices, you can be mad and hate me but if I deserve that
Dad, so do you...


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  • Arshiya Kaushik by Arshiya Kaushik
  • 1 year ago

I wish I had a normal father just like my friends. A loving and caring support. Dad, you've done so much damage to me. It might not be visible to you since the scars you left are internal, deep internal.

  • Fiona by Fiona
  • 4 years ago

I don't see you, Daddy. Why do you hurt me so much? I'm always sad. Why, Daddy, why? My heart hurts.

  • Barbra by Barbra
  • 4 years ago

My dad thinks it's better to take care of a dog than to take care of me. He said to my face.

  • Aly Pally by Aly Pally
  • 8 years ago

My dad loves my brother and not me

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