Abuse Poem

Who Will Be The Abused Child's Advocate?

The voice of a child cries out and the whole world reverberates with guilt. Who will be an advocate for a this child who is abused, who is treated like a useless rag doll, to fulfill a cruel man's sick fantasies?

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I had tears whilst reading this - no one should suffer like this.

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Published: February 2006

Mom is passed out, too much beer at the bar,
I lay sleeping, until my bedroom door is ajar.
I hear his feet shuffle the carpet across the floor,
My heart starts pounding, How far is the door?
Should I make a run for it, or lay silent and be still,
How can this man I call Dad, force me, against my will?
I'm only a child, not more than seven,
Already  I'm  praying, Please God, take me to heaven.
I try to scream but the words won't come out,
It really doesn't matter, nobody hears me shout.
His breath smells like cigarettes and foul whiskey,
I'm just hoping he will die, or soon let me be.
Finally, it's over, I know he must be through
Now he's sleeping with mom, one drunk times two.
I lay awake for the longest time, pondering many a thought,
Hoping someone will believe me, and these two animals, get caught.

What is the end result of this dysfunctional family?
Will you be the voice that tells or just leave it be?

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  • Maheen by Maheen
  • 10 years ago

I had tears whilst reading this - no one should suffer like this.

  • Kailin by Kailin
  • 11 years ago

I have this dad and he get's mad over anything and we had this dog named duke and you see we had pizza this one night and my dad was hungry and stressed so the dog ate the pizza and my dad blamed it on me and choked me and slammed me against the floor gave me bruises and cuts on my leg and I still have my scars I am still scared what will happen next....

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