Betrayed Friend Poem by Teens

She and I were best friends since preschool We spent our ENTIRE childhood talking about how we were gonna be BFF But she changed this year and I have no one to talk to about it I wrote this poem to let out my feelings.... I feel better now that I have shared this with you

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Why Did You Betray Me?


Published: July 2011

We were best friends in the beginning of the year
But then you changed
You betrayed me
And it hurt
You stopped talking to me
and started to ignore me to.
That's all I ask
A simple explanation
Why would you leave me like that...
But the funny thing is
I'm actually glad you left....
It saved me from what you would have done in a long-run
Guess what now....
You could have had me for a Best Friend Forever...
But now.....
You'll never get me back



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