Divorce Poem by Teens

I wrote this poem because my dad left us for another women and has another family and I love him but sometimes It just makes me think what he is missing out on.

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Why Did You Leave Us?


Published: October 2012

It's hard to explain how you make me feel
It's all just so unreal
I like to pretend as if nothing is wrong
So I just play along
I don't understand why you don't tell me the truth
Don't you understand you're just damaging my youth?
I never thought I could hate and love someone at the same time
But it's all because of your crime.
You're just like any other guy
Full of lies
Funny how you changed so much
You were such a lovely guy
I feel sorry that you left us
But I hope you have fun
8 dollar whores are not easy to find
I guess you need someone with whom you can unwind
If you're wondering about us, we're fine
With a bottle of wine everything seems alright
Don't worry we don't need you
She has given us everything to succeed
I'm just confused, you've made me insecure
But don't feel bad, there's nothing time can't cure.

PS: I love you!


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