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Wife Changes

Her journey caused our marriage to end.

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You poem is powerful, as I have been married for 25 years to my high school sweetheart. Thinking we would be together forever, only to watch him over the last 4 years read "self-help books"...

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Change Of Strife

© more by Edward Iacona

Published: July 2008

She said that she'd changed
On a journey for her gnosis.
Was this a real spiritual walk?
Or some form of psychoneurosis?

She was gentle and kind,
A modern version of Isis.
Then she up turned our world,
Could it be; Mid Life Crisis?

As many get older some folks will insist,
That there's more to their life, something they missed.
For time slipped away and they now must resist,
Simply put, they are frightened or mentally pissed.

I know well the feeling, so I can't disagree,
There are dreams, there are goals and there's no guarantee.
Time knows not persistence nor hears silent plea.
I know that is true 'cause it happened to me.

Did this happen to her as she rounded the bend?
With no more time to lose she went off the deep end.
Frustration and depression really gives one the blues.
I wish she'd be happy with a car, clothes or shoes.

But, Tarot and Biorhythms entered her New Age view,
Add numerology and auras to this epigram,
Plus crystals and knowledge of Kabala too,
(Not the toy one from Trans-O-Gram.)

Then there were angels, harmless enough,
What followed them was more metaphysical stuff.
She focused on Reiki and healing holistic,
Absorbing herself in modalities mystic.

Did she know that her journey
Also came with a danger?
To her family that loved her (more than she knew)
She has become nearly a stranger. 

All the self help books she read
Did not, could not, possibly mention,
She created for family, heartbreak and pain.
Was that the purpose of her cosmic "intention"?

Motivational books come with a high price,
That one pays for reading someone's advice.
They claim what one finds but give readers no clues.
That from taking their advice, just what they can lose.

No matter the path,
Or what one is akin to,
The problem with change,
Is what one can turn into.

Her marriage was born in the deepest of love,
Of two facing the world hand in hand.
Now her family still wonders just what part of "I do"
She just didn't quite understand.

Like all she desired a stress-free existence,
Free from rough patches and nary a thicket.
But reality reigns and there are unfortunate events
Unlike those penned by Lemony Snicket.

It's great to have hobbies, interests and such,
Make them part of your life and never a crutch.
Growth can be part of a marital life,
Not resulting in loss of a soul mate and wife.

If a marriage be comes ill
Then both parties are responsible.
If the past and future mean anything still
Know that "sick" does not always mean terminal.

Gone to follow her vision,
Something should remind her.
That the old saying has wisdom
To not burn her bridges behind her.

The grass on the opposite side as it's seen,
Looks much greener and most beneficial.
Until she finds out, after vaulting the fence,
Time will tell her it's all artificial.


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  • Jennifer by Jennifer
  • 3 years ago

You poem is powerful, as I have been married for 25 years to my high school sweetheart. Thinking we would be together forever, only to watch him over the last 4 years read "self-help books" alone. When we would come back together he would scold me for not doing this or that because this is what his book said. He began speaking with people online, some leaders in groups others just members. Two years ago he told me that his life has been enlightened and this he must do; become a polygamist and have more than 2. I have 2 handsome sons 23 & 18. As of 8/17/2017 a marriage that is no longer anymore. I could not and will not agree to such nonsense, "MID-LIFE CRISIS," I'm thinking so! This makes me all so sad, but for my sanity and health I must move away and forward. Now is my time to adjust to a life of one never, again two. Thanks for giving me a platform to speak. Good luck to you.

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