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I would like to dedicate this poem to my dog Albert. He slept all day and loved it.

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Work Makes Me Want To Jump Off A Bridge


Published: May 2008

I sit here all day
The only thing I do is play
It sounds quite nice
But think about it twice
And you'll see
How meaningless my days can be

Nothing to do but sit and think
The highlight of my day is when I get up and grab a drink
Closed in by walls of beige
I stifle my rage
As every moment ticks by
I hold in my urge to cry

But hey it could be worse
At least that's what they always say
I could be stuck on a sinking vessel
With nothing but a porcupine to nestle
I could of gotten into a car accident and be Missing an eye, an ear and a leg
And for my nourishment I'd have to beg

Whatever, I'm going to feel sorry for myself anyway
Its not like I have anything else to do


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