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Writing Poetry Instead Of Cutting

I'm 15 years old and I've struggled with cutting for about 2 years now. It's a hard addiction and I mainly started because I felt extremely alone and I felt really unloved from both my parents. I've just recently turned to writing poetry instead of cutting. Yes, I do still cut, it's a struggle I will have for a long time, but I'm trying.

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I've been cutting for 6 years, and recently was able to stop. It's been almost a year now and this poem still just made me tear up. I definitely spent my whole life feeling like no one wanted...

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Just One

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Published: May 2009

They scream louder this time,
and there's nothing you can do.
You know you are everything they never wanted,
And it's just so clear to you.

Pulsing music from your iPod drowns there voices out,
but you know that it won't stop them from fighting;
just from you hearing their sickening blowout.

You think of the days they were so happy,
and wonder if it was all your fault.
Maybe if you had just been beautiful,
you're mom might've tried to halt.
Maybe if you had gotten straight A's,
you're dad would've cared for you,
instead of only hurting you.

You've tried so long for them to see,
all you've ever wanted was them to be,
what every other family always had.
But your cries and pleas have only left you hopeless, broken and sad.

So once again you open that same drawer you sadly know too well,
and grab that magical blade that'll solve everything, for now.
You lift up your long sleeve and put your only true friend against your fair skin.
Just one cut,
you close your eyes shut.

One tear slips down your vulnerable face,
just one tear you let escape.
And then you see those flashbacks once again,
of the times your father made sure you knew,
no one will ever want you.

So you let that blade break through your skin,
and hope to God you'll eventually be okay.



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  • Saranna by Saranna, Albany NY
  • 5 years ago

I've been cutting for 6 years, and recently was able to stop. It's been almost a year now and this poem still just made me tear up. I definitely spent my whole life feeling like no one wanted me, if only I was beautiful, if only I was smart enough, if only my brother would stop hitting me, if only I didn't hate myself so much. I went to my best friend, in that drawer, shiny and welcoming, everyday, for years but now I don't have to and I hope all of you can find that strength too. Stay strong babies, we can do this.

  • Jayme by Jayme, Georgia
  • 6 years ago

Camri our stories sound about the same, I have just started cutting, it makes things go away but the only thing is I cut shapes you know like hearts and stars so people would think I did it out of control but I didn't, my parents blame me for everything and I have three other siblings but EVERYBODY picks on me. I am 14 and I want it all to end, I've thought about suicide but I thought why do I have to pay for what they did to me. So all I can do is go to that ink pen with the secret stash of needles.

  • Tobi by Tobi, Australia
  • 6 years ago

I'm 15 years old, nearly 16. I started cutting years ago, I still do it now. I do it because my parents hate me, they fight, both with each other and with me. I don't cut as much anymore, my boyfriends wants me to stop. When I read poems like this, it makes me feel as if maybe one day I can overcome this. Thank you for posting this xo

  • Anonymous by Anonymous, Australia
  • 7 years ago

I have never actually cut before, except for this afternoon. I have a friend who cuts herself and I really want to help her, I do, but I can't. I do not know how to address the situation. I cut myself because I tried imagine being in her shoes. At first, it was for my friend, but after the next few cuts, I realized it was for myself. When I was in year four, my best friend molested me. I didn't tell anyone until two years ago, I'm fourteen now. Everyday I had to face this alone, no one knew my problem, no one knew my hurt. It was horrible, but I managed to get by and that was with reading and writing. I'm not proud of myself for resorting to inflicting pain on myself, but I understand why others do it. It feels good to let go of all the mental pain, to actually feel something real and to not have to relive all my suffering. But, I know I'll never do it again. Thank you for posting this poem, it made me realize that there are others like me.

  • Kailee.B by Kailee.B
  • 7 years ago

I just recently started cutting today. I started to cut because I felt so alone both my parents act like they don't care about me even though are not together. I cut because my mother and sister take their anger out on me by yelling and emotionally abuse me. None of my friends know what I'm going through. my father has been absent for a year and four months, but through it all I'm just a little 13 year old girl who can't stand life anymore and wants out but I know I can't. I turn to poems like yours just to know that there are people that go through things like me but I just wish one person, I don't care who, just tells me I'll be able to handle whatever gets in my way.. but for now I know it won't happen.

  • Kieran by Kieran
  • 7 years ago

I'm 15 and started cutting this year. I don't know why but I just started I have friends that cut. My wrist has about 20 something cuts on it right now and my parents fight a lot my dad beats her heaps and always in front of me and my brothers. She always says she's going to leave him but never does I'm, sorry anyone has to go through this and time like theses.

  • Neveragian by Neveragian
  • 7 years ago

I started cutting when I was 12, I was in an abusive foster home with my younger sister. The woman taking care of us had my sister adopted and sent to another state. I felt so alone when she left. So I turned to my imaginary friend, then I turned to cutting. I stopped for a while but then started again recently after I was molested. I've stopped again but I feel alone now.

  • Aaliyah by Aaliyah, California
  • 7 years ago

Hey guys, I'm 13 years old and I've been cutting since I was 10 years old. My father has never been in my life. It has been me, my mom, and my two siblings ever since I was born. My father denied me and left my mother while she was pregnant, he is nothing to me, he can't even remember my birthday. Even though it was proven that I am his child, he still isn't in my life. Cutting just helps me escape from the pain. My family doesn't even notice all the scars and all the tears. I try to stop but its hard when you have no support to help you. I can't even tell my family because they'll just get mad at me. I have nowhere to turn but I'll find a way to beat this.

  • Nina by Nina, Florida
  • 7 years ago

Hey guys, I'm 20 years old. I have been cutting since I was 12. I quit last year and it was the best thing I could have done. I admit it's hard but cutting won't solve anything. the more you cut the more you need it and the harder it will become for you to stop. It will get to a point where you will want to cut but won't know why. Don't end up like me. STOP NOW!

  • Chelsea by Chelsea
  • 8 years ago

Hey guys, although I have never cut myself I do have several friends who do. I have tried to help them but there is only so much I can do. I just wanted to tell you all that cutting is not worth it, I know it is hard but you have to stop! I also want you to know that you are all beautiful, both inside and out and you just need to be yourself. I hope this will help you, and please stop. xx

  • Camri by Camri, Georgia
  • 8 years ago

I need some help. I have cut myself LOTS AND LOTS of times. I can't stop. I watch the blood drip, it feels so much better, nothing else makes me happy. I am now having suicide thoughts and I am only 12. I cannot speak to anyone about it. only my friend,. she knows what I am going through, she is going through the same, but I still need help cause I cannot quit. I use ANYTHING I find, I don't just use a razor or knife I use anything sharp, as long as it gives me the same feeling can you please help

  • Camri by Camri, Georgia
  • 8 years ago

I am 12 I have started to cut. my blade wouldn't work so I took something else. I took glass and cut it deep. it makes me feel so good. my mom is fighting to survive. my dad hates me. I can't see either of my sisters. me and my step brother fights all the time. everybody yells at everyone. I cry every night before I sleep. I couldn't eat for 2 days. all I want to feel is happiness. but I can't get that. my step mother hates me, and yells at me in public. It's hard, very hard. I am fighting with my best friend and almost everyone hates me in my life. I barely have any friends. maybe about 4 total. What else am I supposed to do. I can't stop. I tried. nothing else makes me happy. I really love to sing. but I get made fun of by very mean people who hate me. They put down my dreams. I ain't happy right now. my arm is bleeding, and I am holding back tears. all I want is to be happy.

  • Lexie by Lexie, Texas
  • 8 years ago

My name is Alexis and your story made me cry I too am 15 and my dad mentally abuses me and my parents fight.. I swear our stories are exactly alike I have gone through this too

  • Taylor by Taylor, CA
  • 8 years ago

I just started cutting. I am 12 years old. I did it once about 1 month ago and now lately with all of this stress I feel like I'm trapped and I have no where to go. when I cut I feel like the more blood is shed the better I'll feel. I simply feel numb and I think I just need someone who has gone through this.

  • Hawaiian Gardens by Hawaiian Gardens, Ca
  • 8 years ago

I'm 17 and all my life I had depression I got made fun of a lot and my parents weren't always there for me.
They blame me for everything for there fights and what not I started drinking and cutting at age 12 but I found out it doesn't do anything it just screws you up more, it feels good for the moment believe me, but after the moment passes it just brings back all the hurt and abuse and the scars are there for life I use to get abused by my step dad and my mom use to beat me but I live with it because there's nothing you can do until your 18 and can get out of the hell hole place.

  • Maria by Maria
  • 8 years ago

I'm 14 I started cutting when I was 12. Every day my parents would tell me that I'm fat or ugly . So first I stopped eating but I still couldn't take all the pain .That's when I started cutting. But I haven't cut in 2 month already I'm tying to stop. But I'm scared one day I will start all over again.

  • Elena by Elena, Cohutta
  • 8 years ago

I am 15 and I just overcame cutting like Thursday. I just got out of a hospital a month ago...and it sucked there! To me the hospital made my problems get worse, but I decided to change on MY OWN! Remember God loves you!!!

  • Tasheena by Tasheena, Canada
  • 8 years ago

I'm 14, I started cutting myself when I was 13 .. I thought I was alone, my parents fought non-stop, and they put all their stress onto me. I was their bullet, their ticket to each other's weakness. its unbearable. its scary, but the pain is a sudden rush for me. I watch the blood flow down my arm and just imagine all my stress going away. I cant stop, its hard, its too late, maybe one day... it will all go away ..

  • Evan by Evan, Florida
  • 8 years ago

well I'm 15 also from Florida I used to cut but I recently stopped.... if you have a problem, talk to your parents... honestly they may not seem to be the best person to tell but... it'll be worth it if you do. They'll help you and will watch you... but if you truly want to stop tell your parents.

  • Cassia by Cassia, Wichita KS
  • 8 years ago

Hello, I am Cassia and I'm a 16 year old girl. I started cutting in 6th grade. I have attempted suicide twice. I have a therapist that truly helps along with my ex girlfriend. Yes I am gay. It has made things so much worse for me but I try to stand up and be proud of who I am. I no longer cut, instead I burn myself occasionally. I remember when I cut, oh how I remember so well. I remember each and everytime I pressed the blade against the skin of my wrists, ankles, shoulders, waist or stomach. It made everything else go away. All the fights between parents, grades, school drama, loneliness. I know, trust me I know how it feels. It never hurts. It does just the opposite. However, looking at my cutting/burning scars I know it is not healthy and that I had to get help. So I did. I am so much better, not cured but better. There is no cure for depression, just coping methods. Try a healthy one!

  • Raelynn by Raelynn, OK
  • 8 years ago

Hey I'm 12 and I recently started cutting...your story is kind of just like mine only I have a step dad and my mom fights with him all the time too, your story made me cry cuz I can't write poetry but I love the way you express it, keep writing poetry

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