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My mom and I fight a lot, and each time it hurts. I try and try to prove I'm enough for her but she only brings me down. My friends help pick me up, but it doesn't last long. She always tries to change me for her liking. Trying to make me into another her. At night I cry for hours just wishing I was enough for my mom to be proud of me. Instead she's ashamed of me. I always hear "Why cant you be like him/her?" My mom always notices my faults rather then the good in me. It just hurts.

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The similarities between this poem and the relationship with my mother are uncanny. It's a perfect depiction of how my life is with her and how she makes me feel.

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Yearning For Approval From Mom


Published: September 2011

Days go by we haven't talked
The silence between us grows
And inside I yell why can't you love me for me?
She might be deaf and blind too
Tears come out to greet her
She doesn't care to ask "are you OK?"

I need her to acceptance
But she only wants to change me
When she speaks my way
Her words cause me harm

When I need her I'm afraid to talk
She says it's the truth
Her truth is only biased
She doesn't see the good in me
She only she's the bad

She compares and compares
When I succeed and other fail
She speaks no appreciation
When I fail and others succeed
Here comes hurt to welcome me
Then the tears come out

Can't she see that I try my best
I work my hardest to please her
Mother when will you see?
Or will you chose to stay blinded by my efforts?

You make me feel unwanted
You make me feel like I'm not enough
You praise my brother
You're ashamed of me
When will I be good enough?

Once I'm gone I'm not coming back
Maybe then you'll realize I tried my best for you
But you just wouldn't see
I'm not a little girl
But I'm not yet a woman
I'm a teen who needs a supportive mom

We might have days or even weeks
Where we get along just fine
But you find any little excuse
To tear us down

I need you to love me for me
Not for the achievements I get
You hurt me so much
You make me afraid to love
You make me afraid of being hurt by others

I know it shouldn't bother me
But you gave birth to me
Mother I yearn for you to love me for me
When will you show me that I am good enough?
I will always yearn for your approval.


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  • Heather Parker by Heather Parker, Haughton, LA
  • 2 years ago

The similarities between this poem and the relationship with my mother are uncanny. It's a perfect depiction of how my life is with her and how she makes me feel.

  • Giveadamnisbroken by Giveadamnisbroken, Bay Area CA
  • 7 years ago

I am an only child who sought out the applause and approval from the woman who raised me on her own, my mother. I was almost the perfect child. I was well behaved and well mannered. Teen years I rebelled a little like normal teens do. I knew she loved me, but I didn't get the applause and approval that I needed. If I brought home all A's and a B. I should have "Tried" harder WTF? so I stopped trying so hard after awhile. It wasn't until my 30's when I found myself in an anger management class that I learned my mother's behavior was abnormal. It was actually a form of physiological abuse. The worse kind (mental) I think I'd rather get hit?
When I graduated the class. I graduated with a certificate stating I passed and also with some Life Tools I began to use. I started to voice myself with assertive sayings like, "That was hurtful what you just said and I don't have to tolerate that anymore" "I won't allow you to talk to me like that" and so on. Like you I was compared to others. I felt like I was never good enough for her. I was reminded of mistakes I made decades ago etc. I am a grown adult now. I still don't have the applause and approval that I would like to have. However, it's not my issue. It's hers. If I want to receive it I speak to people who actually love ALL of me just the way I am. Extended family and friends. I am ok with that now. God knows my heart. I know my heart and I know I tried my best. That is all that matters. It has taken me along time to accept this. Sometimes I wonder if my mother 'wished' she was me? perhaps it's just her own insecurities?
I'm not very close to her. However, I will always love her. I just keep my visits with her and phone calls short. I did learn assertive skills and I use them to this day. I hope you don't have to wait as long as I did seeking her approval. It was a waste of my time, energy, tears, and heartache. At the end of the day, what makes US happy is all that really matters. Be happy with you from within and you will find peace, acceptance and love there. Seek Jesus/God and your world will change completely. Peace to you loved one....from an Angel by the Bay 2014

  • Vanessa by Vanessa, Las Vegas
  • 9 years ago

I so agree with this poem. I try to keep a close relationship with my mom as much as I can. We'll have our days where we get along great but then the smallest things come up like letting me go out and then we stop talking because of some silly argument we have where she won't accept my side of the story. And it also bothers me how she seems to adore my little sister and how she spoils her and what not. She and my aunt wish I was more like my sister. Like, why can't they accept me for who I am? I'm tired of trying to impress her.

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