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Sister Is Depressed

What could be wrong with the life of a normal 12 year old girl?.......actually a lot
you see when your elder sister has depression you are deprived of "life"
it's hard to live when no one seems to see you standing beside them
and your sister, the one who influences the most starts "misbehaving" (not exactly) It's hard and a poet always has her way! so this poem is dedicated to my elder sister

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You - A Black Hole


Published: July 2012

I always thought you were my life, and that everything I ever wanted
I keep thinking all about it every day when I lie in bed
But now when I talk to you, next morning my pillow comes out wet
I add on an artificial smile, my heart crying yet
And then flow out my tears every time I'm left alone
But to you they are never shown
I'm starting to fall now into depression
My face away from the sun
Because of you
Just because of you


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