Pregnancy Poem

You Are With Child

This poem is inspired by my wife of 30 years and her pregnancies. She has always been beautiful, and each time she was pregnant her beauty had a special glow. My Pammy gave me 3 great kids, and now we have 4 beautiful grandchildren. I am so blessed; she is my world and the life that makes each day wonderful.

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A Special Glow

© more by Danny Blackburn

Published: September 2008

I was told by you that you were with child
I was scared for you and I tried to smile

We had one last summer and fall, just you and I
I now apologize for each time I had made you cry

We were so young, we were in love, and we tried to not be afraid
You were proud, strong and loving as you planned for that day

I remember that morning, it was beautiful with snow on the ground
We knew that your delivery was close and you had stayed with your mom across town

I got to the hospital, I drove like mad and ran the rest of the way
The doctor said we had time, they acted like you had all day

You showed them, no time to waste
You went right to the delivery room with no haste

Our first son was born, dark hair, brown eyes, our Michael Ross
I went to my Dad to see if that was ok, to name my first son after a son that he had lost

8 months later I left for the Marine Corps
I got a letter that said we would soon have one more

This child was born, with fuzz for hair and eyes that were so blue
Another wonderful gift from God and you

We had planned for girl and got James Craig
He was named from two friends, Jimmy and Craig

Then 9 years later we decided to have another, we thought of no harm
Things went so wrong, I almost lost you, you almost died in my arms

That child that we would have loved
That child joined God in heaven above

So we were told that we most likely could have not a child
For three years we went on with our lives, then one day God must have smiled

You were blessed by God, to you he did smile
He blessed you with a miracle, another child

This one was different, you were more beautiful and had a special glow
Things were so right, but there were things we did not know

Problems arose, the baby needed to come early or it would not grow
For three more days we did wait, you remained calm and still a glow

I remember this delivery, this time I was filled with fear
I was afraid of loosing you, I wanted you here

I remember your pain, the anguish, the uncertainty and the fear
After her birth I laid my head on your belly and cried many tears

An angel was born, a miracle with dark hair and blue eyes
Danielle Erin, she was added to our family, by God to our lives

I have told you that each time you were with child you had a glow
Now I realize it was your love, you heart and your soul

For Pammy, you're are a special wife and mother
A special woman like no other


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