Betrayed Friend Poem

This is a true story of how me and my "BFF" broke up because I found out she was lying to me. She tries to win me back to this very day, but I can't even look at her. I call this poem "You Have Lied To Everyone" because other than me, she lies to the teacher, herself and other people, including my other friends. I can't imagine anyone NOT having someone like that in their life. So remember, if you're one of the people who are like that and you read this poem: stop now.

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You Have Lied To Everyone

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Published: May 2013

Three months ago you said that you would never lie.
A week ago we left each other, and yet still you try
To mend the tear. You lied to him, you lied to me.
And only now, I can see
That you never meant those things you said.
So therefore you lied to me.

The day we met was one year ago.
I left, and only now I'm glad I had to go.
My mother said you cannot be believed.
I can't believe for three months you had me deceived.
You say you're sorry, but it's too late.
Your awful lies and actions have paved your fate.

I wouldn't be surprised if 20 years from now,
You'd be put in jail, and you're asking, "How?"
And if I could, I'd walk right in
And give the answer, "It's the penalty of your sin."
You'd look up at me, with a sad and pitiful look.
But I wouldn't pay you one bit of attention,
You sneaky LYING crook.

You've lied to everyone, me and her.
You even lied to yourself, a price of the lure
And if you had the chance, would you take that back?
And even though you think you've won,
You have lied to everyone.


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