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Like many girls I was one that was molested at an early age. I never knew it was wrong nor could I ever forget... I am 18 now, when it happened I was 3-9 years old that's too young to know what is wrong from right. Especially considering it was my uncle and my grandfather who decided to violate me so early on in life. Sickening I know, so I hope you like the poem and hopefully it reaches out to those young girls who have been hurt and too afraid to come forward.

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You Never Forget


Published: November 2008

Was it right or wrong of them,
how am I supposed to forget.
It split my family up,
am I to blame?

For years I blamed myself,
I was scared to tell anyone.
But now I know I was so little,
how was I supposed to know it was wrong.

It happened from a young age,
so I never knew any different.
it hurts me to say,
I still hate myself to this very day.

I broke up my family,
they all still fight and carry on.
Even though I was so little,
I can't help to think that maybe I could have stopped it.

Everyone calls me stupid,
they tell me to stop carrying on.
I can't help it,
I cannot forget.

it kills me to think about it,
I wake up in cold sweats.
Puffing and panting,
I try and go back to sleep.

But all the memories are there,
like its real and I cannot escape.
What can I do?
how can I escape?

I realize their just my nightmares,
running through my mind.
I've told you enough.
I can't tell you anymore.

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