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  1. Little Princess

    There was a little princess,
    Who lived in a kingdom.
    She had so many maids,
    That she had no freedom....

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    That is a sweet little poem. I'd love to buy that Princess gown with cats embroidered on the hem!

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  3. Halloween

    Children Enjoying Halloween

    Halloween is very fun,
    full of kids with different tongues.
    We scream, we shout,
    then we run all about.

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  4. The Centipede

    I'm glad I'm not a real boy
    With proper feet like you.
    Imagine if I had to put
    A foot in every shoe.

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    Children's world is innocent, pure and beautiful. It is full of imagination. The adults who can identify with children and look at the world through their eyes make the world beautiful and...

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  6. Granddad's Got Hair

    Growing Old And Going Bald

    Granddad's got hair on his fingers,
    Hair on his toes,
    Hair in his ears,
    Hair up his nose.

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  7. The Thing!

    How To Make A Monster

    I once set out to make a fiend,
    A gruesome thing that no one's seen.
    A massive gore of teeth and claws
    With sixteen eyes and monster paws.

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    It's like the story of Frankenstein. The rhyme is very fantastic and word choice is pleasing to the atmosphere of the poem. The ending is very dramatic; that seems to me the best part of...

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  8. Ode To Socks

    • By Gemma Whannell
    • Published: May 2014

    You saved me from some Bad Blistering Blisters.
    You let me know when you need a bath.
    I wear you to church because you're very "holy."
    You help me slide on the kitchen floor as I go Whoosh!

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  10. The Pickle

    • By Kyle Wong
    • Published: May 2011

    There once was a pickle in a jar
    His dreams were very far.
    He got promoted to a can
    And then to a pan

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    Aw, love pickles. They're just so darn cute.

  11. Reflection

    A Child's Game On Washing Dishes

    I’ve heard mum say, and often too,
    That washing up’s a bore.
    Why she’d often give me tuppence
    Just to do that dreadful chore.

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    We had a large garden around our house. In the morning we found it covered with leaves. We children were taught by our mothers and aunts to sweep it drawing designs with ekel brooms. We...

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  12. A Noble Quest

    Garden Through A Child's Eyes

    You go to your back garden, as you want something to do,
    And a world of wild adventure is staring back at you.
    It's not a place that mum and dad know sits behind your home,
    But you see things they can't see if you're prepared to comb.

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  13. Blowing All The Way Home

    Spiders' legs arrive from mars
    Sitting in liquid jars
    Bulging eyes mixed with black eyed peas
    Surrounded in green squid cheese

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