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  1. A Mother's Memories Of Her Daughter

    • By Dawn Main
    • Published: November 2007
    Poem A Year After Daughter's Death

    A year has passed since you left us
    A year of sadness and pain
    A year of wishing we had the chance to bring us all back together again

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    My 9 year old daughter went to heaven just one and half months ago on May 26, 2017, after battling with leukemia. She was an angel. I miss her every moment. Wish I could hug her tight once...

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  3. Alanna's Eyes

    • By Christina Hobbs
    • Published: January 2009
    Poem About Way Daughter Saw Mom

    Through Alanna's eyes I am smart,
    I am wise, I am comfort, I am love.
    Through Alanna's eyes I am strong, I am independent, I am whole.
    Through Alanna's eyes I walk tall, I pray, I fight....

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    My daughter also died from being born premature, she was 490 grams when she was born and lived in the neonatal for five months till we could finally bring her home, she passed away at 16...

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  4. Let's Fly

    • By Margaret Adkins
    • Published: January 2011

    As the sun comes up over the mountain
    In the place where she was born.
    I can still see her plain as ever,
    For she lives in my make-believe world....

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  6. How I Wonder Why

    • By Jeffrey E. Stuberg
    • Published: April 2011
    Poem Coping With Death Of Two Daughters


    My twinkling little star, how I wonder, Why?
    Two little girls visited us for such a little while.
    We were blessed with laughter, singing and dancing,
    Their hugs, a million smiles.

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