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  1. Dear Pop

    Once you had told me
    When you were gone
    I'd pick up the pieces
    I would go on...

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  3. You Had To Go Too Soon

    • By Natasha
    • Published: December 2013

    During the day I have to be strong
    I try so hard to show that nothing is wrong.
    But at night my tears will flow,
    it was just so sudden you had to go....

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    My father, Peter, died on May 29, 2016. He was everything to me, and he made my life so much better. He always listened to me. He always stayed by my side in good and bad times. He was my...

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  4. Goodnight Dad God Bless

    • By Fiona Tunilla
    • Published: June 2014
    Poem About a Daughter Remembering Her Dad

    You used to spoil me rotten
    With all your love and care
    But now each time I look for you
    You suddenly aren't there...

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    My daddy passed away recently from pneumonia after fighting lung and bone cancer. It's been a difficult time but knowing that he's not in pain anymore and that he's at rest has really helped....

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  6. Letting You Go

    • By Emily Guthrie
    • Published: May 2012

    my one true rock
    a shoulder in which I could rely
    for whenever I was angry
    or when I needed a good cry....

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    My father died September 28, 2012. I was 16. He had skin cancer. Being a sophomore in high school at the time, it was very tough. I had a pretty good support group with my mom and family, but...

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  7. As My Tear Softly Falls

    • By Breton Delayne White
    • Published: November 2008

    And he puts his boat in the water for the last time
    A tear will fall for the last time
    I wipe the tears from my face with your old shirt for the last time
    I cry about the last time I said goodbye to you...

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    My dad has cancer and he is probably going to die like my Aunt Rose did. She died of the same thing I've had way to many people die in my life everytime I get to be close to them they die. My...

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  8. Heaven Is Never Too Far

    • By Elisha L. Garner
    • Published: February 2006

    Words cannot explain
    how much you mean to me
    nothing could ever compare
    or even ever be...

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    An hour ago, I received a call from my sister that my dad had just passed away. I had visited my dad 2 months ago, and he wasn't looking well then. I knew that would be the last time I would...

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  10. Not This Year

    Poem About First Birthday Without Dad

    Close is my birthday Dad
    But I can only feel sad

    Realization has finally hit....

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    This poem really touched me a lot. I can't imagine how my first birthday without my dad will be.. #god_pls_bless_this_day

  11. My Father, Today You Left Me

    • By Carla Lovan
    • Published: May 2011

    Today You Left Me
    Today has been a month
    But, it only seems like yesterday,
    That, you left me. ...

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    My loving Dad,

    After you left me I lost my strength, I lost your warmth. Dad How can I believe this? I thought you are indestructible.
    Dad I'm searching for you every where. Please be...

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  12. My Father

    Poem Remembering Father

    My dad, I miss you every day
    My greatest love, my hero
    My best memories in every way

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  13. A Prayer For My Dad

    • By Danielle
    • Published: May 2011

    I cant believe I'm standing here,
    Saying my goodbyes
    To a Dad that meant the world to me,
    My Dad with big brown eyes...

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    I am poem fanatic...I am truly touched by your poems of death of a father/ grandfather!!!! Please continue to help all that grieves a loved one...Your poems are heart felt.

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