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  1. 41. Only A Memory

    This poem is about a great person who got taken from us on Feb. 19 of 2006. Cameron Lund was the type of person that could make anyone laugh. He never had a frown on his face. You are missed big time Cam.
    We Love You

    Your smile, your laughter
    -Only a memory.
    Your voice, your personality
    -Only a memory.

    Sometimes people mention your name.
    Some just keep quiet.
    But no matter what is or isn't said.
    You're always on someone's mind.

    two years have gone by,
    But it seems like only yesterday,
    You were by your family's side.

    We can only think of who you'd be,
    To us, you only remain a memory.

    It's been a while since you've been gone.
    For your friends and family, things just aren't the same.
    It still doesn't seem real.
    Who holds the blame?

    If love could have saved you,
    You'd still be here today.
    The love we hold for you,
    Will never change.

    As you lay in a still rest,
    God broke our hearts to prove he took the best.
    Everything you did, everything you were.
    It's only a memory.

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    I'm 11 years old and I have lost 2 of my best friends in a car accident in less than 2 month, and I think I know how you feel.......I hope time has healed you!

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  2. 42. Watch Over Us

    • By Natasha Doucet
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

    Okay. Dustin was pretty much my brother. I have known him my entire life. I woke up one morning to his grandmother, which was also my neighbor, asking me if I wanted to go to church but I wasn't feeling good. So I turned down the offer. I went to church with Dustin and his grandmother every Sunday morning, except for this one. I woke up to someone knocking on the door next door and walked outside to let them know that she went to church. She told me she knew this and that the cops pulled her out of church to give her some bad news about Dustin. Turns out Dustin was killed in a car wreck on September 30 of 2007. So the day before his funeral, because I absolutely love to right, I decided I would write him a poem. I had to get up and read it in front of everyone there and they all loved it. I have people tell me every day that I need to post my poems. I thought about it for a long time then decided I have at least one I want everyone to read.

    Even though he's gone
    his memory still remains in our hearts.
    His smile and face will never fade.
    We think of him as we go on each day.
    The good times we remember
    and the days spent together
    will be in our memories forever.
    So when you start to get down
    and you really want to cry
    just think of the fun times
    and don't wonder why.
    Just leave it at that
    and know he's better now.
    He's in a better place.
    His heart was right with God.
    So Dustin we love you
    and we miss you so much
    but we know you're much happier.
    So watch over us and make sure we're okay
    and we will see you again someday.

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  3. 43. Forever

    • By Elsie-Anne Cameron
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

    I know an awesome girl who didn't get to live her full life. Well then again, maybe she did, but it just didn't seem fair she was only 15 and the cancer got to her quick!
    Love you forever and always!
    In our hearts you will never die!!!

    Poem About Missing Friend

    A star in the sky reminds me of how bright you were
    A flower in the garden reminds me how beautiful you were
    A trolley in the trolley bay reminds me of the way we rolled
    An elephant reminds me that you cannot forget anything
    The iced coffee we used to drink any time of day
    The sunshine in the morning makes me smile because I think of you
    But you see, all of those things can be taken away
    The stars can be covered by clouds
    A flower in a beautiful garden can die
    A trolley may never roll the same way
    An elephant may forget
    Someone could drink all the iced coffee in the world
    And the sun can be covered by a stormy day
    But I have to keep you inside so no one else sees the pain
    I miss you so
    I miss you here
    I wish that you never left
    But I loved you then
    And I miss you now
    But I'll always love you
    But most of all I will love you forever

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    I hate to say...I'm very sorry for your loss. She would be proud of you. This poem made me cry. But the part that made me cry. Is when I read she died. My best friend when he left. "Don't...

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  4. 44. Your Love Will Be Passed On

    • By Joshua J. Urness
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A friend writes to another friend who has passed on to the other side. Though she has died, she is alive within him and always will be. She is bound up in the circle of life.

    You are with me everyday,
    I feel you with every breath,
    Your thought is with me,
    With every decision I make.

    You have been with me until now,
    And it is hard to face,
    That you are finally gone,
    And I will never see you again.

    Your hands, your touch, your smile,
    Are things I will never forget,
    All the love you shared with me,
    And all the tears and pain you made go away.

    In our short time together,
    All the memories we had,
    Will last in my heart,
    Those memories I will never forget.

    Although you have left,
    Now you walk above,
    You are always with me,
    I'm always surrounded by your love.

    Now you don't have to worry,
    For your love will be passed on,
    Cause even though you left me,
    You are Always in my Heart.

    By: Josh Urness

    ****I love You Brenda*****

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    I had two friends that had recently committed suicide I hadn't known them long but it was long enough. Your poem was the exact thing that I have tried to say but could never find the words.

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  5. 45. Cancer Stole My Friend

    • By Serena Oritz
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2016

    Ever feel like cancer stole your friend? Ever think if cancer only knew what a great person your friend was, maybe it wouldn't have taken them?

    Poem About Wanting More Time With A Friend

    Cancer took my best friend, don't you see?
    Time was a ticking bomb thrust in me.
    Did black cats traverse my way?
    Did bad luck linger over me day to day?
    If cancer would have examined my heart,
    Would angels be grabbing you to depart?
    If I knew our bond was made of an hour glass,
    I'd pile stacks of love around your heart, make cancer pass
    To give me those last ticking moments and make them exquisite,
    Make our friendship stand on cement for us no longer having to split.
    If cancer had any idea what beauty laid within your soul,
    I can promise it would have seen the glow.
    I saw it the moment we became friends.
    Tick...tick...tock...my heart will burst when time ends.
    Silence began moments ago,
    When a voice said its time to let go.
    I could not stop the
    Cancer stole my

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    I lost my best friend to a brain tumor on the 24th of October 2015, so it's been a year since she's been gone. But, man, it feels like it happened just yesterday, as I still cry to this day...

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  6. 46. Miss You

    • By Doresha
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    I am 17 I lost my 5 year best friend Jessica in a coma on Christmas eve. I love her so much that when I was down she was there to help and when she was hurt I was there to heal her wounds. I wish that she was here with me. I just want to thank her and tell her I love her and I'm glad that she is in my life. there is not a day that goes by that I don't think about her. I look at my scrap book picture of her all the time. I have 2 scrap books with just her and me in them together. I would give anything back just to have her again.

    I miss you more than words could say,
    I think about you each and everyday.
    why's you leave this world without saying goodbye,
    you left us all here just to cry.
    you are my best friend my life we never part,
    just because you are gone you still in my heart.
    I hope that you are good in that safe place,
    I miss you so much and be sure to save me a place.

    Jessica Withrow

    I love you and I miss you so much

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    My dear friend Colin died by suicide on the 10 September 2002, while I was away on holiday. I miss him every day and always hold a special place in my heart now and forever more.

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  7. 47. I Watched Him Die

    • By Laura
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2008

    I wrote this poem from deep within my heart. It is a true poem and I would like to share my version of events the day my friend lost his life. It is about my friend. He was stabbed at my school. I watched him die. I was only 12 when he died and I miss him very much.

    It was a cold and windy November day,
    When my friend sadly passed away.
    This was the day when a boy with a knife,
    took away my friends life.

    I shut my eyes,
    praying it was just a dream,
    But unfortunately it was reality,
    the most awful thing I had ever seen.

    The knife in his killer's hand went in to him like a dart and ripped his heart apart.

    I can still remember his last screams,
    and the fear in his eyes,
    And his last words were
    "I don't want to die"

    I can still see him lying there on the ground,
    with his own blood all around.

    As great big tears rolled down his face,
    His killer left without a trace.

    He was only 14,
    such young age to die,
    and it was all because of a boy and a knife.

    I remember my deputy head,
    looking down on him,
    And I kept thinking to myself,
    Why isn't she helping him?

    He killed my friend and I will never forgive him,
    For all the pain his killer's put me through and my friend's family too.

    I watched him die,
    there was nothing I could do,
    And as he died,
    a part of me died too.

    Now his killer has a life sentence in jail,
    Which is good enough for me,
    As in my eyes,
    Behind bars is were he should be.

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    Wow, this poem was way too close to my story. It horrifies me that the people involved are so very young. It was damaging enough for an adult (10 years ago my friend and I were 48). I watched...

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  8. 48. You

    • By Teresa
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2008

    This poem is dedicated to my friend Alex who died just two months before he finished his senior year. His smile, laugh, and just himself has been sorely missed.

    Friend Died Before Graduation Poem

    Flashing lights red white and blue
    All those people you once knew
    People crowd around the car
    The twisted metal is badly charred
    The beeping stops and all go quiet
    Not a breath comes from among the riot
    An anguished medic shouts clear
    Think of the people who hold you dear
    No pulse, no beat, a silent scream
    No one to wake from this horrid dream
    A life so great is now lost
    The price came at a deadly cost
    The change you made in my life
    Tearing at me like a knife
    I hear your laughter and your voice
    I remember your smile like I have no choice
    You are my hero day and night
    No everything is not going to be all right
    I will never forget what you did
    You were even the greatest kid
    I miss you more and more every day
    I always will come not matter what may come
    I never really got the chance to say it.....
    I love you Alex with all my soul
    You left me with a great and gaping hole

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    I'm sorry for your loss. I've lost someone the same way. His name was Dominic. I miss him. All of us do. I wish he never left, and the bad thing is we weren't on good standing before he left.

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  9. 49. Driven

    This poem I wrote and read at the eulogy I gave for one of my best fiends who died in a tragic accident

    Our lifestyles are merely a reflection,
    a mirror to our soul
    Filled with many mountains
    that shadow some of life's holes

    There are many paths to chose from,
    yet direction hard to find.
    We all have reached at least one crossroad,
    troubled to make up our mind

    As we set out on life's journey,
    lets not lose focus on our goals
    Because the most important part of our journey,
    is to never lose sight of the road.

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    I lost a dear friend, almost like a sister. She was 12 years old, her name is Sophia Campbell, it was a tragic accident. On April 2 Sophia was riding her bike in Morris, and a car was coming...

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  10. 50. Love. Pain. Cry. Hurt. Die

    • By Nicole
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2009

    My poem is about my sister, well my friend but I swear we were blood! I have known her since I was in my momma tummy... For 11 years. 5 days before my b-day her boyfriend ran a red light... I miss her.

    I wake up thinking of you,
    I fall asleep thinking of you,
    I sometimes want to die with you...

    You were the light in the dark
    The squeeze in a hug
    And the sister in my heart

    When I heard the blood in my body stopped
    My heart screamed
    And I felt dead...

    You made me feel happy and loved
    I see the signs everywhere that you are present
    But I never will stare in your eyes again...

    If there was one thing, one thing at all...
    I would take back 1:53 am...

    I cry for you
    I love you
    And I would have died for you...


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  11. 51. When You Bid Me Goodbye

    • By Kathrine Yee Baraquia
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2011

    This is poem for friend who left me... A response to my other poem When a Friend Bids Goodbye.

    Friendship is the most precious thing in this world. It is next to family, sometimes the people we consider family. Friends sometimes fall for other, they love with no conditions, they give expecting nothing in return. Just presence and company is enough. A true friend never rarely says good bye, and if they do, it would be death that would cause them to be so far apart.

    In my bed, I lie awake,
    And still thinking.
    What could have been,
    If you were still here,
    With me tonight?

    I know it could have been better,
    Seeing you right in front of me,
    Knowing you're still alive.

    But this is life.
    No one stays forever,
    May it be fate,
    Or just a change of heart.

    I don't want to let go, and you felt it,
    When you left me, it was hard.
    The moment you stopped breathing,
    I was down on my knees for the first time.

    I kept praying, begging God,
    To make you live again.
    But how could I stop you?
    When you are in a better place now.

    I will never stop believing,
    That you still think of me tonight.
    You're the type of friend,
    Who keeps promises in his heart.

    In heaven, I trust,
    You're still the friend I know.
    I know you remember my name,
    When I call out on yours.
    I know you still smile and laugh,
    When I crack jokes the wrong way.
    And sometimes I smile too when I think of your name.

    Someday, when it's my time,
    It will be just like before.
    That's the time when we no longer,
    Have to face goodbyes anymore.
    Friends in the distance,
    and through time, we'll still be.
    I love you too, please do believe me,
    Hear the words I once hid.

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    So man, it's too beautiful, this poem really touched me.
    I lost a friend about six months and I'm still so sad about the situation.
    Thanks for share this with me, you help me much with my...

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  12. 52. Another Day Has Come And Gone

    Today marks the one year death date of my best friend. I miss you so much, Bobby!

    Poem About Life Without Your Best Friend

    Another day has come and gone
    Since the day you left us all alone
    A young man left without finishing his song
    Another day has come and gone

    One whole year since you left us here
    Living in this world of fear
    Without you here to guide us home
    Another day has come and gone

    I cry myself to sleep some nights
    Wishing on a guiding light
    That I could call you on the phone
    Another day has come and gone

    While you spend time with our Lord
    Do not forget your friends down in this world
    And help us understand you're home
    Another day has come and gone

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  13. 53. Miss You Sackett

    • By Donna reed
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008

    One of my best friends died in front of me on 3rd September 2006 and I miss him lots so wrote this poem which is now on his grave please take time to read it thank you. Donna

    we miss u more then u could know
    we miss your lovely smile,
    the way you used to make us laugh
    and make everything worth while.

    the way you did the "sackett wobble"
    that no one else can do,
    the way you made us laugh so much
    just by being you.

    we think about you everyday
    and dream of you at night,
    just picturing your cheeky grin
    makes everything all right.

    we often sit and wonder
    why we did not say goodbye,
    to say the things we needed to
    the day you learnt to fly

    we know your always with us
    although we are apart
    but James we all love you
    forever in our hearts.

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