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  1. The Silent Tear

    • By Chelsey A. Jones
    • Published: October 2007

    Near the door
    He paused to stand
    As he took his class ring
    Off her hand...

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    This was sad... I wanted to wipe away my tears but invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away. This poem is heart-touching. I love it.

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  3. My Despair

    • By Tiffany S.
    • Published: March 2015
    Poem About Loss Of Friend To Cancer

    Sad eyes
    Long face
    Heavy heart
    Empty space

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    I was so sad when my best friend Jade died of cancer. We were twins because we were born on the same day. There's not a day where I don't remember you.

  4. I Watched Him Die

    • By Laura
    • Published: March 2008

    It was a cold and windy November day,
    When my friend sadly passed away.
    This was the day when a boy with a knife,
    took away my friends life....

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    Wow, this poem was way too close to my story. It horrifies me that the people involved are so very young. It was damaging enough for an adult (10 years ago my friend and I were 48). I watched...

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  6. Cancer Stole My Friend

    • By Serena Oritz
    • Published: February 2016
    Poem About Wanting More Time With A Friend

    Cancer took my best friend, don't you see?
    Time was a ticking bomb thrust in me.
    Did black cats traverse my way?
    Did bad luck linger over me day to day?

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    I lost my best friend to a brain tumor on the 24th of October 2015, so it's been a year since she's been gone. But, man, it feels like it happened just yesterday, as I still cry to this day...

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  7. Miss You

    • By Doresha
    • Published: October 2008

    I miss you more than words could say,
    I think about you each and everyday.
    why's you leave this world without saying goodbye,
    you left us all here just to cry....

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    My dear friend Colin died by suicide on the 10 September 2002, while I was away on holiday. I miss him every day and always hold a special place in my heart now and forever more.

  8. Watch Over Us

    • By Natasha Doucet
    • Published: September 2008

    Even though he's gone
    his memory still remains in our hearts.
    His smile and face will never fade.
    We think of him as we go on each day....

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  10. I Remember My Friends Hands

    • By Spiffy
    • Published: June 2008
    Poem To A Friend With H.I.V

    I remember my friends hands
    because they were big and soft,
    fingers skinny and hair dark brown,
    because they helped me up when I fell down,...

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    That is very touching. I've had that same incident, well sort of. I like it, good job.

  11. See Ya, Love Ya, Bye

    When I heard that you had left us
    I was simply blown away
    How could that be possible?
    We were laughing yesterday....

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    This reminds of my best friend who attempted suicide last week.

  12. Love. Pain. Cry. Hurt. Die

    • By Nicole
    • Published: July 2009

    I wake up thinking of you,
    I fall asleep thinking of you,
    I sometimes want to die with you...

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  13. One Lost Teen Is Too Many

    • By Joni Jade
    • Published: January 2009

    From toddlers to teens, it happens so fast.
    All parents can do is remember the past.

    Holding hands with mom and dad, at ages five, six, seven....

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    since I was a child till I reached my adolescence this story helped me to overview my life........
    its a fabulous creation
    keep up the good work

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