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  1. Dearest Grandma

    • By Kari Rosenstiel
    • Published: October 2010

    I am laying here writing this letter to you,
    Because I have nothing else to do.
    I think about you dearly,
    It is seen very clearly...

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    I am 19 years old and on 11/11/12 my grandmother passed away. I really will miss her, she was like a mother to me and always by my side. It hurts not to see her in this world but I know she's...

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  3. I Love You

    • By Samantha
    • Published: February 2008
    Remembering Grandma

    I see you looking at me,
    it's hard your see your face.
    We never thought we'd lose you,
    we thought we were back on base.

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    This has reminded me so much of the fond memories I've got of my grandmother who passed away a few years ago, it has touched my heart in so many ways and brought a tear to my eye.

  4. Sad To Say Blue

    • By Brittany
    • Published: May 2009
    Goodbye To You

    We left in a hurry so mad and confused
    When the door slammed it left your heart bruised
    So sad and blue
    And so much pain inside you ...

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  6. Grandma Is In Heaven

    • By Deborah F. Fines
    • Published: February 2016
    Child Trying To Understand Death

    My Grandma is in Heaven.
    She left this earth today.
    Mommy tells me that Grandma
    Is no longer here to play.

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  7. Last Goodbye

    Poem About Anticipatory Grief

    You smiled at me through warm rays of sun.
    You laughed with me in the grass.
    You kissed me in clear broken water,
    And now we say goodbye.

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  8. My Most Painful Love

    • By Melissa Pena
    • Published: March 2009
    Poem Grandmother Passed Away

    On the stormy gray day you went away,
    Crystal clear pure tears were shed from my face,
    How will I survive without you today?
    I stand here longing for your own embrace....

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    Losing my grandmother took so much from me. Things won't never be the same. Life won't never be the same. Wake up I tell myself over and over again. But here I am awake, and this not a...

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  10. My Grandma Lucy

    • By Andrea
    • Published: July 2008

    My Grandma
    you were in my life for the longest time
    and now your gone all in a blink of an eye
    I am so confused, I have no idea why...

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    My grandma passed away from cancer on the 10 February 2011.. and your poem inspired me to write one of my own for my beloved grandmother..

    thank you for sharing such a heartfelt and...

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  11. An Angel Whispered

    • By Chrissyy Giovanna Whitver
    • Published: January 2011

    An Angel Whispered, "Take My Hand, I'll Show You The World."

    I keep having this dream;
    your standing in the kitchen like you always did,...

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  12. Light After Dark

    • By Nurul Naiimah
    • Published: January 2011

    As I sat by my window,
    Looking out at the grey sky.
    Tears rolled down my cheeks,
    As its finally time to say goodbye....

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  13. How Do I Deal

    Poem About Dealing With Death

    How do I deal with the pain that is bottled up inside of me since her death, should I try to make myself feel better with an illegal drug like Meth?

    How do I deal with all of the emptiness that I feel, do I put up a barrier to my feelings made of steel?

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    My grandma passed away January 2 of this year while I was pregnant with my son so I couldn't really mourn her because if I stressed out it could have hurt my baby. I gave birth on the 25 of...

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