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  1. 61. I Wait

    • By Hayley Rose Chandler
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2015

    This poem is dedicated to Kelly R. LeFevere (Mom). Gone too soon but never to be forgotten. Where there once was a rose, there is now a garden.

    Poem About Waiting For Mom

    I still wait for you to call
    I wait to hear you laugh at something so small
    I wait to see that beautiful, long, thick, wavy hair
    I wait to hear one of those stories that you would share

    I wait to hear you knock on the door
    I wait to see your shoes on the floor
    I wait to see those gifts from you
    I wait to see that purse with things in it just for you

    It seems like all I do is wait for you
    I wait for your smell
    I wait for your hugs
    I wait to hear your voice
    The thing that I wait for the most is your love
    Do you wait for me too, Mom?

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  2. 62. Motherless Daughter

    My mother died in a car accident when I was in college. It amazes me how time has passed so quickly, yet it doesn't seem so. I miss her every day and see her in my daughters' faces. I hope she is watching them and smiling!

    Time Passing Without Mom Poem

    In a sea long ago I lost my guiding light,
    My focus blurred as in the dead of night.

    How can time have so quickly passed?
    Like alabaster sand racing through an hourglass.

    Half my life now lived without her laughing eyes,
    Her soft embrace, and her warm smile.

    To turn back time is all I desire,
    A child's dream with a woman's fire.

    I still weep for the grandmother my children never knew.
    She is forever with me each day and night through.

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  3. 63. A Better Place

    • By Marjie Elie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2013

    My mother died unexpectedly of a heart attack on a treadmill preparing for her next day's discharge from the hospital.
    Exercise seemed to be an important factor the hospital required even though walking at a fast pace had never been on her daily agenda. Her final words to me "I love you, now don't work so hard" will always remain in my heart. It was what her mother said to her right before my grandmother died of a heart attack also. I am hesitant to repeat those words to my daughter.

    Why am I crying?
    Why do I feel so alone?
    You left me now
    To find a far better home.

    It's a gentle journey...
    A soft breeze on your sail,
    To a place where fears and worries
    No longer prevail.

    It's a warm island in the sun
    Where we all someday hope to be
    With the Lord whom we love
    And with all of our family.

    I beg the Lord each night in prayer
    To take away my sorrow.
    I pray he'll hear my cries at night,
    And help me through tomorrow.

    I will always think of you,
    As each day appears.
    My sorrow will softly lessen,
    And gone will be the tears.

    But my love will continue,
    As each year goes by.
    And I will wait for my calling
    To once again be by your side.

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    On Friday 5/15/15 I lost my mom after she was discharged from the hospital. She suffered a heart attack in the car on her way to the hospital. The impact is so devastating. Everyday I sit...

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  4. 64. The Unhealing Wound

    • By Leah
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    This poem is dedicated to my mother who I lost a few years ago. The pain never goes away.

    Wound Of Losing A Mother Poem

    There is this wound; it hurts so bad.
    It always appears when I am sad.
    No matter what I do, it won't go away.
    It's in my heart where it will always stay.
    It appeared the day you left this world
    and I was no longer your little girl.
    Forced to grow up with you not there,
    to make things easy that I couldn't bear.
    I search for you every day
    if I'm sick, sad, or just have something to say.
    I'm jealous of some girls,
    girls who still have their mothers.
    I tell them to appreciate what they have,
    because after they are gone,
    there simply is no other.
    I have this pain that won't go away.
    It makes me mad that you couldn't stay.
    No matter how many years go by,
    there's still one time of day that I do cry.
    I miss you dearly, and this is true,
    my wound will not heal until I'm with you.

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    Today is the one year anniversary of my own mother's passing - Sept 20. I read your note. I feel your pain. No one is like our mother!! We have so many memories that bind us to her....

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  5. 65. We Love You Mom

    • By Montana
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008

    A poem about the tragic loss of a mother
    and the thoughts teenagers are left with.

    Your kids are growing up now,
    trying to do what would make you proud,
    it's been almost two years now,
    but yet we still sit here in disbelief,
    this isn't possible, it never happened,
    the woman who brought us into this world is,
    gone, gone forever..
    why did you have to leave so soon?
    we still need you. we still need our mom.
    we will never understand,
    there is no reason that will justify,
    but we know you are always in our hearts,
    and you are always watching over us
    we love you mom...

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    Your poem reminds me of my mother who passed away 3 months ago. Raising us as a single parent and us becoming so close to her has made her departure so sad. The house is very quite. I jump...

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  6. 66. Angel Wings

    • By Melanie Jordan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2008

    My mum, Sharyn, passed away after a very brave fight with multiple tumors. After battling breast cancer, bowel cancer, melanoma, lung cancer and ovarian cancer it was a brain tumor that finally took her life. She is my inspiration - she put up such a brave fight. We had 7 months after she was diagnosed with the brain tumor to say goodbye, and I cared for her until the tumors had spread to her spine and she could no longer walk...she passed away 4 weeks later - just 9 days after my brothers 30th birthday.

    Having someone in your life who is such an inspiration really changes your perception of pain, love and sorrow. To everyone who has lost someone - I am with strong, be brave and know that they are always listening...



    Honored In Heaven

    I want to know if you can hear me
    I talk to you all the time
    To tell you how I am, how I am feeling
    I want you to know that I am fine

    Nothing will ever take the hurt
    But I am so proud of your fight
    For 6 years you battled, 6 different tumors
    Guided by a blinding light

    You lived for us children
    We were your world, your dreams
    But It came and took it all away
    My heart feels torn at the seams

    It breaks my heart to know
    That you wont be by my side
    How can I walk down the isle
    Wearing your brooch and gorgeous smile?

    I prayed for a sign, a gift
    Something to show me that you were here
    And you gave me my husband to be
    He saved me, helped me with my fear

    Jamie is a mum now, you would be so proud
    He is so beautiful, with curly hair
    And it's blonde, just like yours
    But he wont ever know you, its not fair

    I keep a photo of you
    Its the one from your funeral day
    Did you hear me as I told the story?
    About how much I needed you to stay?

    I said, "Mums has got her angel wings,
    She has graduated from this place
    To be honored forever in heaven
    With your caring nature, your loving face"

    I will never stop missing you
    One more thing, its never too late
    That when I leave the earth, when my time has come
    You will meet me at the pearly gates...

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    My mom lost her battle with what started as breast cancer in 2006 on December 8, 2010. She went for treatment after treatment never giving up hope. She was a miracle within herself. She is...

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  7. 67. Don't Forget About Me!

    • By Jenny Gordon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    My mum sadly passed away when I was just 14 years old and nothing could ever have prepared me for how much I was going to miss her. After her surviving a brain tumor and cervical cancer she still managed to show me all the love in the world, but sadly on 27th February 2003 she lost her battle to breast cancer. Not a day goes by where I don't think of her.
    Although our time was short she shown and gave me more love then most people see in a lifetime.

    Poem About Mum Passing Away

    Should I be feeling guilty, was there something I didn't do?
    Did I not do enough to show all the love I had inside for you?
    If you could say three words to me, would they be the one I'd want to hear?
    When I knock on heavens door for you will you push me away or hold me near?

    There's a million questions that I have inside,
    And a million more that keep coming to mind,
    Like where are you now and are you free from all your pain?
    If someone asked you about me would you even remember my name?

    I hope I've never left you disappointed or ever let you down,
    That all you've done is smile for me and upon me you've never frowned,
    I want you to be proud of me, in the many years how far I've come,
    From the smallest to the biggest things that I have ever done.

    Even though you left me here without a mum so young,
    I'd never say your name in vain, disrespect you or do you wrong.
    So all the questions I have inside, I guess they'll grow to more,
    Just promise me you'll be there the day I knock on heavens door.

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    I'm 21 and I just lost my mother from cancer and it hurts and I have so many unanswered question. I miss her so much, this poem explains all of how I'm feeling, thank you for this poem.

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  8. 68. An Angel We Lost

    • By Jennifer
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2011

    This is a poem i wrote about my beautiful mother who passed away in 2005 with cancer.. miss you everyday .. jennifer xxxxx

    Loss Of Mother Poem

    February 1st 2005
    was the most heartbreaking day of all,
    in the early hours of the morning
    we got a dreadful call.
    After I hung up the phone
    I quickly called dad and my brother,
    we had to rush to the hospital
    and try make it to see my mother.
    When we arrived at the hospital
    the Priest held out his hand,
    He said "I am sorry she's gone"
    she is gone to another land.
    I wanted to wake her
    for I taught you were asleep,
    but the Angel's had taken her
    to Heaven to keep.
    The biggest heartbreak of all
    is we never said goodbye,
    you were gone before we knew it
    to the castle in the sky.
    God seen the road was getting tough
    when a cure was not to be,
    he said "Ann take my hand"
    and walk this way with me.
    We were not there to hear your last breadth
    to even hold your hand,
    but god carried you like your favourite poem
    "Footprint's In The Sand".
    God seen you getting tired
    so an Angel he did send,
    you were more than a mother to me
    you were a very wonderful friend.
    If you still have your mother
    please cherish her with care,
    cause it only really hits you
    when you turn and she's not there.
    I often told you I loved you
    and how much you meant to me,
    If I could walk to Heaven
    I would go and set you free.
    You died at the age of 51
    when you should of been at your best,
    God seen your pain and suffering
    and said you need some rest.
    I think of you a lot
    your always in my prayer,
    I know you're looking down on me
    in fact, you're everywhere.
    Heaven must be a beautiful place
    cause loved one's always stay,
    I know your happy up above
    in each and every way.
    I used to sit at home
    staring at the phone on the wall,
    hoping and praying
    that one day you will call.
    We have been Through a lot
    at an early age in life,
    why did you take her away
    a mother and darling wife.
    I look up at the night sky
    and wonder where you might be,
    I would love to send you this poem
    "Could you send one to me" ?
    I have learnt to lead a life apart from all the rest,
    what a wonderful woman you were
    in fact you were the best.
    You died on the feast of St. Bridget
    every year we would make a cross,
    I often ask God why he took you
    and left me with this loss.
    You were a very strong woman
    who had been through quiet a lot,
    if you still have your mother
    give her everything you've got.
    This poem was easy write
    for it came straight from the heart,
    but writing about a woman like you
    I didn't know where to start.
    Daddy has his days
    for his heart is broke in two,
    he sits and play's his guitar
    and sings a song for you.
    So god if your listening
    tell my mother up above,
    how much I really miss her
    and please give her all my love

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    My mom, Ozell Washington, was born May 23, 1924 and died March 7, 2018 at the age of 93. She had 4 sons and 1 daughter, me. I'm the youngest. My mom and dad were hard working, truly good...

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  9. 69. The Edge

    This is truly how I felt after my mother died. I didn't know what to think and I just wanted to end it all!

    Hurting From Mothers Death

    It hurts,
    Every time the thought passes
    through my brain.

    Every time I look at that picture,
    In that old rusted frame.

    I can hear my heart's Screams
    Echo in my ear.

    I have no desire to be here
    No force drawing me near!

    Emotions run wild wanting
    me to give in.
    But logic keeps me from
    ending all of this pain.

    Crying every night
    getting closer to the blade.

    In my world
    GOD, is just playing another game.

    Tragic as stories go!
    About how one loses their mind
    But secretly I dream of
    wanting to lose mine!

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    I just came on this site to get some comfort. My mom passed 3/19/12 and the 1 year anniversary is almost here. I feel it was like yesterday I saw her, an then I'll feel like its been...

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  10. 70. I Miss You Tonight!

    • By Bobbye Tubbs
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    On the first anniversary of her death...

    Sweet And Wonderful Mother

    It has been a year that we lost you
    But it seems like a lot longer today.
    I miss your sweet, shy smile and
    Your kind, loving ways.

    I miss the quietness of your presence
    And the love you've always shared.
    I miss your encouragements and Faith.
    Your belief in me because you shared.

    I thank GOD for giving me such a
    Sweet and wonderful Mother!
    I knew through the years
    There could have been no other!

    I listen for your footsteps in the hall
    And look up to see you in the room
    I want to hear your greeting and
    I smell the fragrance of your perfume.


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    It has only been a few days, but I feel broken. I lost you to cancer. Though I knew you were sick, I had hope and faith. I hoped you would get better. In fact, I believed you'd get better. My...

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  11. 71. It's Not Fair!

    • By Kat143
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2014

    I'm 16, I lost my Mom last year on March 29, 2012. It was the most painful thing I have ever had to deal with. First her death, then Her birthday, Easter, Mothers Day and my birthday all within a 3 months span. I cry myself to sleep every night. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost there Mom.
    I just wish I got the chance to say goodbye.

    Poem From A Teenage Girl Whose Mother Has Died

    Why can't you be here?
    I need you.
    Yeah, yeah. "You're still with me."
    But how can I know for sure?
    It's not fair.
    I want you to be here physically. With me.
    I can't stand it!
    I need you now, I need your advice, your hugs, your kisses.
    Dad doesn't have that "special touch."
    I can't talk to him about certain things.
    Not only did I lose my Mom, but I also lost my best friend.
    It just isn't fair

    Seeing how other kids treat their parents upsets me.
    Hearing kids wishing their parents dead angers me.

    You didn't deserve to go.
    You were a fighter... But I guess it was your time to go.
    Heaven needed another angel, and they decided you would be the perfect choice.
    I'm glad you're not in anymore pain, and you don't have to go through any more suffering.

    I miss the sound of your voice.
    I miss seeing your smile,
    Your soft eyes, your comforting touch
    Your faint, sweet smell, your long phone calls
    And your soothing ways.

    I miss you.

    I had so little memories with you and I wanted much more.

    It just isn't fair.

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    It’s been a month since I lost my best friend, my mama. She was so happy she even prepared tea for us. When I woke up, she told me to go back to sleep, that she would wake me up later on, so...

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  12. 72. Today Is Your Birthday

    • By Mirandottie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2011

    This is for my Mother who's birthday is on the 22nd of February. I miss you.

    Today is your birthday
    If only you were here to stay
    To have a big celebration
    Yet it's pain over a relation

    We are all standing here
    Hoping that you will appear
    Though we know you never will
    Yet we stand there still

    We try and remember you
    And what you did and what you knew
    To try and make you real again
    To take away the waking pain

    Everyone misses your face
    There is a big gap in your place
    Your place that is next to ours
    And this is why they bring you flowers

    Flowers of happy, flowers of sad
    Flowers of remembrance I may add
    So here is a yellow rose
    For my love is what it shows

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    My mother.
    You were always sick. But you always fought and got better soon. Until on that unfortunate valentine's day. I came running home to you with a heart breaking problem, when I...

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  13. 73. My Angel, My Muse

    • By Christy Hughes
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A girl grieves for her mother's passing. She imaginer's her mother missing her the same way that her child does. God's message to them is the same.

    Deep in the night when you lie in your bed
    wondering at shadows up over your head
    and you pull those soft white sheets to your eyes
    do you whisper to God and ask Him why?

    Why is she gone and why did she go?
    you want to know and you want Him to show
    you a reason. So pray as fast as you can.
    But unanswered prayers are a part of the Plan.

    But when you ask why and your eyes start to cry
    and you feel so sad that you think you might die,
    listen. Because He will tell you. And cherubs' wings
    hug and hold you snug as they sing

    a song so sweet like sirens of lore
    as you slip into dreams of what was before.

    And then you will see her far away in her bed
    where she has the covers pulled up over her head
    and she's asking God why as her eyes fill with tears
    and she shakes with the fears that nobody hears her
    when she asks why and her eyes start to cry
    and she feels so lonely she thinks she might die,
    she listens. And He tells her. And angels' wings
    hug and hold her snug as they sing

    a song so sweet like sirens of lore
    as she slips into dreams of what was before.

    And she sees the little girl far away in her bed
    with the covers pulled up around her head
    and she smiles through the pain
    when He answers 'you will be together again.'

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    I just wanted to say that your story touched my heart like you would not believe. I miss my mom still so much and she passed away in 1993 but it feels like yesterday. My mom also died from...

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  14. 74. Memories

    • By Kimi
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    My name is Kimi, I'm 22, I've been writing for years... my mom passed when I was 20, she was sick with lung cancer, had been diagnosed when I was 16, fought it for 4 years and was in remission, when it came back. She was diagnosed with bronchial cancer and died 2 weeks later. I'm in college now, wish she could've seen me start, it's what she always wanted, said I really had potential and because I cared so much about everything and everyone, I could make a difference, I hope she was right.

    Years of agony, so distraught, grieving with true pain,
    Another sharp corner and I'm screaming your name.

    I hate how time passes, not one comforting word,
    Like a sheep among wolves, I feel lost in the heard.

    Before your cruel passing, wished I'd said goodbye,
    Maybe then I could let go of the day that you died.

    My dearest mother Mary, I named her after you,
    She's exquisite with beauty, deep eyes shades of blue.

    I love you my mother, my mentor, best friend,
    Missing you more as each day slowly ends.

    i think of you fondly and wish to talk with you here,
    Wondering how I survived without you anywhere near.

    Yes, I'm still lost, Mom I loved you so much,
    Years have gone by, still remembering that touch.

    You taught me to laugh, held me when I cried,
    Told me not to be scared of the day that you died.

    You hid all my secrets, to you I'd confide,
    You were everything to me, Mom, why'd you die.

    The cancer was gone, I thought you were free,
    Why'd god take you from me, you're the reason I breathed.

    I hate every Christmas, 'cause that's when you left,
    That was the day that you took your last breath.

    The doctor had told me this feeling would pass,
    He said time will go on and this pain wouldn't last.

    The more that time passes, the more that I feel,
    The more I miss you and wish you were here.

    I love you my mother, my mentor, best friend,
    Wishing all good things hadn't come to an end.

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    Your poem brought me to tears. Beautifully written. I lost my mother 3 years ago this past January to melanoma. She was my everything. She was my best friend. I don't think my heart will ever...

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  15. 75. Shinning Star

    • By Alex
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    Dedicated to my loving sister-in law June. I wrote this for her daughter, who wanted help to write something special for her mum.

    To My Loving Sister-In Law

    when you walk into the night
    take the time to sit and rest
    I am the star up in the sky
    look closely now and I will shine

    Do not cry
    babes of mine
    unfortunately it was my time
    I shine brightly in the sky
    and watch you all
    as nights go by

    Tis being a year
    since I left you dear
    but I'm always near
    forever there

    I feel your love surrounding me
    and this remains forever with me
    So watch the stars and you will see
    that shinning one is only me

    cry not my babes
    for I am free
    from the pain
    that riddled me

    the sky is my home now
    just you see
    that shinning star is again me
    but all around me are other stars
    we once were there
    but now we're here
    we gather together to light up the night
    so you and others won't lose your sight

    and so to all who gathered here
    close your eyes and you will hear
    a voice that comes from deep within
    softly saying
    I never left you
    my little ones
    just a rest
    and then will be one!

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  16. 76. Sleep Mama Sleep

    • By Marilyn Haan
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2011

    This poem was written in honor of my wonderful Mother, Betty Nitteberg, who died August 7, 1998. It was written by me to read to her to let her know it was okay to let go - she had been in a coma for 2 days and wasn't coming back to us. She died from an unknown cancer that got in her blood and took her in 3 weeks. She was always the rock and it feels like she just left us yesterday.
    Missing you,
    Dad, Bruce, Marilyn, Lynna and Julie.
    We love you.

    Sleep Mama sleep,
    It's time to go to sleep.

    So close your eyes
    And rest your head
    You must be tired now.

    Sleep Mama sleep,
    It's time to go to sleep.

    We've kissed your cheek
    And held your hand
    We must let you go now.

    Sleep Mama sleep,
    It's time to go to sleep.

    The angels are here
    And will keep you safe and warm
    They must carry you home now.

    Sleep Mama sleep
    It's time...
    You've gone to sleep now...

    Sweet peaceful dreams,
    We love you.

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    My mom passed on Sept 16th 2015 from dementia. This poem touched me because when she started to shut down the day before she passed, I told her not to be afraid and close her eyes and go to...

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