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  1. 21. Your Suffering Is Done

    My sister Neola Cramer died on this past Saturday. She was 57 years of age and she had Multiple Sclerosis for over 20 years. I have been in a wheelchair since I was hit by a car when I was 3 and a 1/2 and Neola took care of me all through out my adolescent years. Neola laid in a vegetative state of the past 16 years. She wasn't able to talk or do anything except lay there and suffer. When I would go to see her I would sit by her in my wheelchair and hold her little hand.

    This morning as I sit here looking up to the sky I keep on asking myself why;
    How you suffered for oh so long;
    until that morning when you went home were you belong.
    I have cried and pleaded for this day to come;
    so that it would get over and be done.

    The memories of you and I will always be locked in the corridors of my mind and they will be visited from time to time
    You fought every day and every night even while you laid there unable to really see any light.
    I held your hand and brushed you hair while whispering to you I would always be there.

    Then on that morning when I got the call;
    all I wanted to do was slam my fist into the wall.
    I screamed, I cried in every which way that you Neola, my sister would never go away.
    For eighteen years I watched you lay; not saying a word because there just was no way;

    The disease took everything you had;
    How I pleaded to trade with you oh so bad.
    If I could have traded with you I want you to know;
    that I would of in a heart beat to have made your body be whole.
    I want you to know sweet sister of mine that I did everything that I could to hold onto you tight;
    but now I realized that was not right.
    Your child that was a still born so many years ago;
    needed you more so that she would not be alone.

    I feel in my heart you spoke to me last week;
    asking our sister to do something sweet;
    She sent Mom a card and she got it on Friday;
    then she was on the phone thanking her when you passed away.

    You left this world with dignity and grace;
    forever in my heart you will have a huge place;
    I miss you big sister; Your suffering is done~
    Go play, go walk and most important go run~~~

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    Dearest Starlett!
    You have touched my soul by having my poem touch your heart. I wrote it on that cold February morning, even though it has been 4 years this year, it only feels like 4...

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  2. 22. Not Yet

    • By Stephanie Robertson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010

    My sister was 39 when she died from breast cancer. I was sitting with her in her back yard, enjoying one of spring's first warm days, knowing her time on earth was coming to a close and thinking, "I'm not ready for you to go."

    I had prayed to God
    Give her this month,
    A little more time
    That's all I ask

    The month was almost gone
    No, Not yet.
    I take it back,
    What I said,
    Not yet
    Not yet.

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  3. 23. Without You

    • By Vb
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    Depression often goes unnoticed by people close to the person affected until it is too late. This poem is about a sister-in-law who died after battling depression and the feelings associated with that for those left behind.

    Losing A Sister-In-Law To Depression

    What could I have done
    To be the one
    To help you through your darkest hours?

    I wish I knew
    What troubled you
    And gotten ridden of your demons.

    But I was blind,
    I could not see,
    And now you're gone forever...

    Why did you leave?
    A wave of grief
    Relentless, merciless, and endless

    Has hit us hard,
    And in its might,
    I'm devastated, hurt, and shattered.

    Please understand
    You are my friend,
    My intelligent, beautiful sister

    We shared so much,
    But I misjudged
    And did not see your struggles.

    If I could change
    What fate arranged,
    I'd do it in a heartbeat.

    I never knew
    That without you,
    My heart would ache so badly.

    Know that I will keep you close to me,
    No matter where I go or where I'll be.

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    My younger sister, number 3 of our family, was a very polite, down to earth, and kind-hearted lady. Three years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. She had a complete treatment and was cured,...

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  4. 24. Little Megan Went To Heaven

    • By Natasha Swart
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015

    In loving Memory of Megan Botha, my little sister who passed away very tragically at the age of 17.

    6/3/1990 - 8/2/2008

    Poem On Mourning Loss Of Teen Sister

    Little Megan went to heaven and a tear fell from my eye,
    But now my little sister is swinging from cloud to cloud in the sky.

    I lost a sister that I love like the sun rays love the land,
    Without her here it scares me so, for I'll never understand,
    Why did she have to go so soon, so far before you or I?
    I wish the Lord would tell me why my sister had to die.

    Friends forever is what we said when we were very young,
    But now it is amazing that only the memories will live on.
    Pictures I see of you and me make me very happy,
    But that's all that's left behind,
    For I'll never hear you laugh again or ever see you smile.

    I wish this heartache would lessen,
    I wish this pain would be gone.
    'Til one day I understand why God came and took your hand.

    But sister so sweet, rest in peace on the clouds above and make yourself at home,
    For now your time on Earth is done and we must carry on.

    Sisters FOREVER!!

    In loving memory of Megan Botha
    6/3/1990 - 8/2/2008 (17 Years Old)

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  5. 25. Life Beginning

    • By James Harmon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2008

    Just a small town country boy, writing a letter to my sister. At a very young age she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Disease, when it had less than a 10% cure rate. Last year she found out she had primary liver cancer, by the way she never drank a day in her life, it puzzled every doctor she had contact with, nothing never showed on any test until it was too late. She lead a wonderful life with God- trusting him every step of the way. She died recently leaving behind 5 children, a husband, mother, father, sister, and brother.

    Hodgkin's Disease

    As I was not there the day of your birth,
    I rely on stories to tell of your worth.
    A few years pass, and a miracle once more
    Our family, growing again, has now reached four.
    Growing together, we all had our fears
    Living together , sharing love and tears.
    As time passed along we all grew stronger
    Who would knew that would not last much longer.
    I can not remember how it started,
    News from the doctor, said that you would be departed.
    Our parents crying, praying! You must be wrong.
    The test confirming, Treatment would be long.
    Little chance is what they give you to live.
    You, your strength, you showed them what a child could give.
    Never once complaining about the hand you were dealt.
    Only praying to God about how you felt.
    Answering our prayers is what he's done.
    Giving us time to share, love and have fun.
    As time passed our family grew one again
    A miracle added, another girls life begins.
    Growing up together, it was not easy to share.
    Two on one, it was never fair.
    Our parents always tried to teach us right
    But as children and teenagers we wanted to fight
    As time passed we all got older
    Our family growing bigger and bolder.
    The little child, when young, who was so sick
    Has now grown, with a belly 9 months thick.
    A child, she will never have, is what they said.
    Now she is keeping five children fed.
    More problems with her health were soon to begin.
    No-one thought that she would be cursed again.
    The sickness this time in worse than before.
    No treatment at all could even the score.
    The medicines, the test, you all done in stride.
    Knowing the whole time God was by your side.
    Creating moments with you is what we all done.
    But the ones from our childhood are the most fun.
    Prayer for you grew by the minute,
    A prayer was not spoken without you in it.
    It seemed the more we prayed the sicker you became
    Your belief stayed strong, never cursing His Name.
    Your final breath taken, we were all in shock.
    And Our prayers continued around the clock.
    Why have you taken this Mother is what we all screamed and cried.
    Never Knowing, GOD was saying This Child Will Be By My Side.
    For eternity she will sit by GOD at last
    All her wanting and sickness a thing of the past.
    Prayer for her is not needed any more,
    Pray for ourselves to be with her once more.
    Her life is just beginning you see
    A life to be sought by you and me.

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    My sister had illnesses all her life from eye troubles. Graves' disease , psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. She lived in spite of it all. You never really knew how sick she was. She liked...

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  6. 26. Sister There You Are

    • By Nichole Herman
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    About my beloved friend and sister.

    When you meet a new friend
    there is a feeling like it will never end
    she's not just someone, she is my sister
    her face full of blotches, diseases with blisters.

    I didn't quite care what she had thought
    many years of cancer she had fought
    now it comes down to just death
    raspberry tango the smell on her breath.

    She lies in that bed as she waits for her fate
    she sits on a cloud in front of the golden gate
    I look at the sky and just wonder why
    she has a pair of wings now and knows how to fly.

    My life is still going and there is no time to pretend
    she dealt with what she could and now it is the end
    I see her spirit and try to keep up with her pace
    I now I just wish I could see her face.

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    Hey...It's ok don't worry at least you know she is in a better place now I don't really know you but I can tell what you are going through is hard we will get through this together I know you...

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  7. 27. A Brilliant Golden Ray

    This poem talks about the day of my sister's funeral, which took place on a beautiful sunny day in November 2007. It is normally a day that makes my spirits soar, but that day was one of the hardest I had ever faced. I had prepared an eulogy, but wasn't sure I could make it through it without breaking down. I did make it through, however, without wavering. The weather helped, but I think the brilliant golden ray of my sister's spirit was with me.

    One morning under a clear blue sky day,
    There was a crisp November chill in the air,
    As the sun shone down in a brilliant golden ray,
    Upon all the sweet flowers and people gathered there.

    The fall leaves gently rustling with the breeze,
    Whispered soft sounds that soothed the soul.
    Birds flew on silent wing amongst the trees,
    Singing sweet melodious songs as if to console.

    Although it was a day that was heaven sent,
    It was tinged with a sadness few want to face,
    For beneath the beautiful sunny sky was a green tent,
    Sheltering a flower-draped coffin at its resting place.

    Inside a beloved sister now silent, cold and still,
    Lying in eternal slumber over her waiting grave,
    As loved ones gathered to witness God's will,
    And to speak kindly of the warmth that she gave.

    The priest spoke verses well used over many years,
    Assuring all she is with those who've gone before;
    As loved ones tried to see through blinding tears,
    And offer prayers for a new soul on a distant shore.

    A loving sister spoke of her good and kind heart,
    And of the care given when loved ones were sick or sad.
    She talked of friendship and of bonds there from the start,
    And of a warm generous soul for which she was glad.

    With a final loving glance and nothing more to say,
    She was laid to rest beneath the green sod with care,
    As the sun shone down in a brilliant golden ray,
    Upon all the sweet flowers and angels gathered there.

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    My sister Penny passed away February 23, 2017. Today marks 2 months that she has been gone. I still have trouble believing that such a vibrant, beautiful, funny, intelligent, caring, and...

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  8. 28. Always Remember

    • By Jessica O'Reilly
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2009

    My sister and I were in a car accident when she was 16 and I was 13. Unfortunately my sister didn't make it through her injuries. This poem is dedicated to her and everything that she helped me with.
    Jennifer Renea I miss and love you.

    As she blossomed into a rose
    We got to see her best and worst side,
    We loved her to death
    But then she died.

    She was loved by many
    And hated by some,
    She may have been different
    But God wanted her to come.

    A beautiful voice
    That reflected her smile,
    We will always remember
    That she was worth while.

    As I sit here and write this
    Tears stream down my face,
    I miss my sister and
    That feeling can not be replaced.

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  9. 29. The Family

    • By Nicole
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2010

    To a sister in law lost, and the pain I know your family, including my husband is going through. A tragic young girls death. We love you Kimberly Nicole Hittle.

    To a Sister In Law Lost

    I watch him as he falls to the ground
    He heart is breaking with out a sound,
    What do I do what do I say,
    I may never know on this tragic day.

    He questions God and why is it this way,
    But there is a reason we just can't contemplate.
    You were so young and so much life to live,
    But I consider you gave all you had to give.

    How does a family get through such hard times,
    We must stick together even though we don't understand why.
    I watch them grieve and cry and mourn,
    The baby girl the last born.

    We must stick together and become strong as one,
    Family is the most important love.
    We will miss you forever and remember your face,
    God will bring you to us in his special way.

    We'll remember the good times and the hard times too,
    You were only 18 but there were more than a few.
    As the years go by we will pass along your life;
    To my children I am your brothers wife.

    We love you Kimberly God rest your soul, you are greatly loved and greatly missed, we will keep your memory alive!

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  10. 30. Valerie

    • By Fernando Vazquez
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2009

    This poem is dedicated for my sister Valerie!

    I Would Sell My Soul

    Although you were old and I was young, I still remember the laughter and fun. You were always there when I was down, trying to cheer me up like a silly clown. When ever I had a problem, I could go to you to talk. You'd console me and take me for a walk.

    Why did you leave and die. Everytime I think of you I sigh, but on the inside I desperately cry. Mother still cries at the sound of your name. I still remember the good times and all the games. I know you are in heaven and you are watching over me. You'll never come back to me no matter how much I plead. I loved you and you loved me, but I guess if you love something you have to set it free. Though you always fought with my other sister, you'd get over it, and always kissed her. don't know how much I miss you. I would sell my soul if I could just kiss you. No one will ever take the pain away, but I know we'll be reunited one day. So until then I'll stay here on Earth and be good for you. I love you Valeria and its true!

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