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  1. 41. All My Life

    • By Nicole M. Preble
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Such an act effects everyone around it. Like a rock thrown in a pool causing ever wider circles in the water.

    Poem On The Effects of Suicide

    All my life my hands have been cold,
    And my eyes have never been seen.
    My voice has been stolen from a heart that was broken,
    And my mind has never been keen.

    All my life my feet have been bare,
    And my lips have never been known.
    My thoughts have been seized by a monotonous tease,
    And my character then turned to stone.

    All my life my face has been pale,
    And my fingers have never felt lace.
    My ankles were bound from the pride so profound,
    And my emotions had then no case.

    All my life my ears were weak,
    And my senses related no care.
    My wrists were tied by the woman who lied,
    and my love was too much to bear.

    All my life my screams have been high,
    But my words were always ignored.
    My tongue was cut, not from who or what,
    But by teeth that had eaten this lore.

    All my life my body was thrown,
    But my mind was ironically kept.
    My cries were shot, and I never had got,
    Comfort from the many tears I wept.

    All my life I have lived in shame,
    Of the reflection I bare, and in this endless blame,
    In the way she danced and the way she lied,
    In her addictions of pain and infinite tries.

    All my life I have loved her the same,
    Yet my hatred and hurt all rapidly came,
    Like the way she danced and the way she lied,
    In the name of her daughter's suicide.

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    My father committed suicide when I was 16. He dealt with a lifelong drug addiction, and then the following year.. my girlfriend also committed suicide. She dealt with depression and was able...

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  2. 42. What Would You Do

    • By Christina
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2008

    What happens after rape

    You look at her and call her a whore
    when she is fighting in this secret war.
    you do not know what she has been through,
    but with the most sincere regret I do.
    I cried with her every night
    but then one day she gave up the fight.
    the truth of the story is that she was not a whore
    it was without consent that he came through her door.
    there was nothing she could do or say
    he pushed her out of his way
    she tried to scream and shout as loud as she could
    but it didn't do her any good.
    Once everything was said and done
    9 months later she had a son.
    She could never get past the pain
    so here in front of me she lays
    there's a hole through her head as she lies in a pool of red.
    There is nothing that you can do or say
    For she has long gone away

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    This poem is really beautiful, in a sad way.
    I'm not trying to convince you into thinking I've been through this, I just feel like I know what it's like going through such things.

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  3. 43. The Man She Could Never Have

    • By Jude Gurr
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2010
    How Could You?

    I'll walk down the aisle all alone
    No ones there they all went home

    I see the coffin I see your face
    How could you do such a disgrace

    I can't hear your voice I can't speak your name
    This doesn't feel like before it doesn't feel the same

    I don't understand I can't contemplate
    All I do is feel so much misery and hate

    Why did you leave me why did you die
    Was it to waste my time or watch me cry

    How could this be better how can I remain
    When every breathe I take causes so much pain

    As the day goes by I have to watch my loved ones cry
    Just because you couldn't stand to live that you had to die

    I don't know what you were thinking but I see what you have done
    And all of this just because you thought drugs would be fun

    I can't do this anymore I can't stand to watch them fall
    As your drunken little girl stumbles down the hall

    Into your empty bedroom she hurries up her pace
    You can tell she has been crying from the marks left on her face

    Do you feel better know you've gone
    Will she feel better knowing she was wronged

    She was taken from her dad
    The only man that loved her he was all she had

    Now she is left with nothing Just a picture and your ring
    Does she know she will see you die every night in her dreams

    You where once her dad
    And know you're the man she can never have.

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    I was searching for a way to help my best friend. She tried to take her own life. I thought it was just because of her parents' divorce, but I read this poem and the comments and I spoke to...

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  4. 44. Darkness

    This is a poem that I think a lot of people can relate to as far as their lives go. I hope you like it!

    When darkness falls you can not see the light.
    Your breathe is heavy as sweat drips from your brow
    and blurriness blinds your sight.
    You start to have second thoughts,
    your life replays in your mind.
    You try to remember much happier times.
    You hold the trigger so very tight,
    your body quivers but you start to question yourself if what your doing is right.
    You grab a knife from the kitchen drawer,
    you cut yourself slightly and the blood starts to fall.
    Before going further you rethink what you have done,
    your hearts beating faster now
    and instead of finishing you put on a bandage and you start to run...
    To the highest mountain top you scream out loud,
    cursing the gods with an angry wolves howl.
    The tears are now falling down your face
    as you are now questioning your own given fate.
    Everything you dream of has yet to come true,
    you look in the mirror at the person that is you.
    You take your fist and you smash it upon your head,
    you take your pain pills and you go to bed......The End

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  5. 45. 15 Stitches

    • By Laura Solis
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    An attempted suicide as a cry for help finally helps her parents see how badly she needs their love.

    Fifteen stitches on my left arm
    Had nothing to do with the pain in my heart.
    Broken glass was what did the harm,
    Not the thoughts in my head or the hand that I love.

    Behind the bandage were the secrets I kept
    With no one to blame but two troubled heads.
    You never saw all the clues that I left,
    Not even the letter that said where I went.

    I could have posted it up on a billboard or wall
    But you would have looked past it with no clue at all.
    I kept it inside for a really long time
    With nothing to show but the tears that I cried.

    You're perfect! You told me you do nothing wrong
    And that's what I thought when I did what I've done.
    Again the tears fell from the eyes of a child
    Who never felt loved, not even a while.

    A's and A's were my grades in school.
    With that, I thought that I had you fooled,
    But as soon as a B or C would show up
    Your word would bring back the blood from my arm.

    We're your parents! You told me we know what's best for you now!
    So how come you locked me in this hell house
    I tried to escape, I tried to just leave
    But no one would give me a sharp knife or key

    Only the dead can come back to life
    But why does the living feel so dead inside
    I repeated that over and over again
    But that wouldn't change the thoughts in my head

    I'm not perfect! I said I do everything wrong!
    And that's what I said when you knew what I've done
    Dripping down was the blood of a child
    Who never felt loved, not even a while

    As I fell on the floor I heard a soft voice
    Who said you're okay, who said you're with god
    I don't want to be! I yelled I don't want to be here!
    I just wanted parents who would love me to tears!

    In a hospital bed I woke up the next day
    In a room full of candies, flowers and heads
    Kisses and hugs were all thrown my way
    Gross comments and yelling were all miles away

    I lifted my head as I turned to the door
    Two people stepped in that I've never see before
    Half smiles on their faces and flowers galore
    They gave one k

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    This hit my heart. because my son used to cut 4 to 5 times a week. trying to commit suicide. Eventually he succeeded by hanging himself at Silverlake Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA

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  6. 46. Forget

    • By Devon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2011

    I lost a very dear friend to suicide... It has been very hard to cope with the loss. He was everything to me...and now, he is gone </3

    Poem About A Best Friend's Suicide

    So lost, just as you were.
    As I made my way into the crowd.
    Black surrounds me...
    So do the many tearful eyes of my friends.
    My eyes are red and swollen as well,
    I had cried myself to sleep last night.
    I remember three days ago,
    You had looked me straight in the eye,
    moved closer, and wrapped your arms around me.
    "what's wrong?"
    in reality, everything was wrong...
    But I am here now,
    placing my sight my best friend.
    Now lying still in the soft lining,
    Of his casket.
    Tears flood my puffy eyes,
    they sting...
    reminding me that this is real.
    That I can never forget my best friend.
    R.I.P. Justice Goodwin </3

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    This made me burst into tears in the middle of the library at school... its so touching, and made me think of all my friends that have taken their own lives... RIP<3

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  7. 47. Let Me Go

    • By Tiffany Lacour
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2010

    I'm 14 years old. I am living with major depression. I wrote this poem in class one day. It's a small look into my head. All day I have these awful morbid thoughts. I know suicide would be selfish. I used to cut, but not anymore. I have been inpatient hospitalized three times. I know all about what I'm supposed to do and how to deal. Except it's like my mind is a demon fighting back at me. My worst fear is my own mind killing me.

    Just a girl
    In this world while it twirls when it whirls
    her head in a haze
    can't seem to find away out
    If she screams no matter what she shouts
    Not a soul hears her cry
    There's nothing but dark skies
    She's consumed by her morbid thoughts
    Everything around, the pain has brought
    Her slit wrists
    Her bloody grip
    She raised her arm once more
    on the bathroom floor
    the blood reaches her neck life flows out
    still not a soul listens for her shout
    she's left she's flown
    to a happier place
    where even her scars are no disgrace
    that girl now has a smile on her face

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    I am a 17 year old girl living with depression. God only knows how I got to this stage of only thinking about death and how much happier and less complicated life would be without my...

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  8. 48. Death, You Are My Friend And The Love Of My Life

    • By Joseph
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2008

    This poem shows how I saw depression, a person who I could trust so much.

    As I hold hands with this hooded person.
    His hands as cold as ice,
    his black eyes as dead as night.
    He leads me to an overpass and tells me how to forget about the past.
    As the words trust me slip out of his cold dead lips,
    I reached up and gave him a kiss.
    I pulled his hood off and it revealed a girl,
    I said ok take me away from this world.
    She said step of the over-pass so you can let go of your past.
    As I step of the edge I fell towards the earth.
    I remember all my life while I was in mid-flight.
    Then I forgot it all at the end of the fall.
    As I land on the highway I died that very day.
    I looked ahead and a light revealed the gates of heaven and I realized it was the end.

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  9. 49. A Life Unlived

    • By Amber Kruger
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2011

    About the pain and agony of a family left behind after the death of a loved one. there is not much to the poem, it gives you enough space for your mind to play with it.

    A blood stained floor,
    An opportunity missed,
    A life unlived,
    A bleeding wrist.

    A silent scream,
    A silent cry,
    A moment of weakness,
    a minute goes by.

    A decision made,
    A taken life,
    A letter written,
    A razor knife.

    A broken home,
    A mess to clean,
    An empty gap,
    A horror seen.

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    I have thought about suicide many times. I can't do it though. Do you want to know the saddest part? No one even noticed I was dying inside.

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  10. 50. I Gave Up Life Because Of Your Game

    • By Beci
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2013

    I wrote this poem because there are times I want to leave this world because at times I find it heartless. During my life I have had many challenges, I had a person in life that would torment me and abuse me thinking it was all a game and I have been close to ending my life because of this person, but what has kept me going was the person I love the most in life, if I were to commit suicide I would make sure I leave a letter saying how much I truly love him.

    Life is life
    life I behold
    I'm giving up
    So I have been told
    By the monster in my head
    It talks to me
    As I lay cold in bed

    Music pounds my ears
    Screams are all I hear
    It's time to give up
    This day I have not feared
    Looking down I see the cuts on my wrist
    "I'm emo" they say, I am ashamed of this

    I grab paper and pen
    I'll write my feelings for you, that I pretend
    "I love you more then anything" I never admitted
    And I'm sorry for this suicide I just committed

    So I grab a rope
    For so long I have hoped
    My head goes through
    I choke on my breath
    And soon feel the cold of death

    A shadow against the wall
    Of my hanging body
    My pain is gone, I feel nothing at all

    I look at my pale face
    My eyes will never be opened again
    As I have left this place, decided that this was my faith

    My soul has drifted away
    No more cold nights of having to pray

    I am free of pain
    But I am also ashamed
    That I gave up my life
    Because of your game

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    This statement above the poem is really relatable to me!! I am in that exact situation. There are a few people I know who are fairly rude to me and make me feel really bad about myself, and...

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  11. 51. It Is Over

    • By Cheryl Charette Johnson
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2016

    Our lives can change in an instant and sometimes beyond our understanding. These are random thoughts written the day before my brother's funeral in July 2010. We do not ask to be affected by suicide; it happens. My brother was 40 years old and my only sibling - we were very close. I am publishing this poem to dispel the stigma of something that many people don't discuss. My view of suicide has changed through this experience, especially for those who have mental illness. I hope somehow this poem brings comfort to anyone who is affected by something that seems so incomprehensible. You are not alone.

    Poem About Life Changing After Losing A Loved One


    It is quiet,
    So very quiet.
    I am left alone now.
    No longer to hear your voice
    It is very quiet.

    Snippets of memories flash before me,
    Like a kaleidoscope with multi-dimensional, brilliant colors.
    No rhyme or reason in their placement, yet when they fall into place,
    They form a beautiful pattern of colorful hues.

    I am transfixed.

    There are no answers as to why you are gone,
    But like the kaleidoscope, your brilliance left patterns on this earth
    For those of us left behind.

    It is what we do with your brilliance that matters - because you matter.

    And as the randomness of the colorful images takes shape,
    The transformation of the images becomes something beautiful.
    I can reflect in the quiet of the moment - nothing left to say,
    For I believe in my heart there is only peace.

    It is so quiet,
    So very...very quiet.

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  12. 52. Alone

    • By Daniel Moreton
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008

    I am 22 years old and attempted suicide 3 times. I am happy at times, married to a gorgeous man, but depression once overran my life. I hope this poem helps people see how things change and some don't. Love yourself.

    Tried To Commit Suicide

    I feel so alone.
    I'm hopeless in life,
    I try to be happy but only find it with a knife.
    It slips through my wrists and flows from my veins,
    a crimson waterfall that's born from pain.

    Happiness is a concept burned from my soul,
    this beautiful entity now covered in shadow,
    will slip from this body that's been used as a tool,
    for sex,
    I'm a worthless fool.

    I died once!

    As I hung in the air, I thought about life of those who do care,
    my mother and farher,
    friends and my pup,
    those whom I loved and knew one day we'd meet up,
    but I was cheated of that blessing and brought back to this cruel world,
    overrun with rapists back into the cold.

    Now I live in the shadows,
    my cries being covered with smiles.
    Twenty-four hours being watched,
    endless nights being touched,
    friends to hold my hand, future plans,

    and yet....
    I feel so alone!

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  13. 53. You Will Never Know

    • By Joshua Abbott
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2009

    It is of a time when I had nobody to turn to and contemplated suicide. I eventually let myself open up and I have since overcome it.

    You will never know how I feel inside,
    The pain that still resides,
    Happiness was once in my life,
    Those days have long since ceased.

    My body covered in holes,
    One for every soul who hurt me,
    I have begun to become transparent,
    You can see right through me.

    The lies, the anguish, the pain,
    All of this shows,
    The look in my eyes that never glows.

    A face of desolate proportions,
    One that shows every imperfection,
    I can no longer hide myself from the world,
    I can no longer feel this way inside,
    If I continue I will die.

    In a sense I have,
    My blood is all around,
    Splattered in a beautiful pattern,
    Where in ecstasy I laugh and smile.

    The pain is there still but it fades,
    I deserve this hurt,
    It makes me get thrills,
    I feel everything and nothing at once,
    Overcome with things I should leave be,
    I will never understand them.

    Now I must move on,
    No more pain,
    No more anguish,
    No more lies,
    No more me inside.

    Goodbye from my inner self,
    Hello from my outer self,
    The one that I have locked away and imprisoned,
    It will return and soon I will show you who I am,
    My happiness is important so don't hurt me anymore,
    I cant take the pain,
    So Until I can ,

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    I really loved this poem. It made me cry my eyes out like a baby, and it makes me think of all the hard times I’ve gone through. I’ve had to deal with my best friend committing suicide, which...

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  14. 54. Life's Many Choices

    • By Brandon
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2010

    I was inspired by my friend Becca to start writing poetry. I found it was a great way to organize my thoughts and feelings. This one was written after Holly broke up with me and I was extremely depressed. Please don't feel bad for me cause she asked me back out the next day.

    Life shattered in an instant
    Like fragmenting glass before his eyes
    Everything seemed so perfect
    Until it became full of lies

    Now he had many options
    Of only one he had to choose
    But no matter what he decided
    He knew he would always lose

    Every time it happened the same
    All would be going right
    But in the end he was to blame
    When it crashed into the night

    He had to make a choice now
    Or life would just end
    If he didn't Satan would bow
    And say "good game my friend"

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  15. 55. All My Life

    • By Jackie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems December 2008

    This is dedicated to my second cousin, who was very, very close to me.

    Poem For Cousin Who Killed Himself

    All of my life
    I've been waiting for you,
    but what's the point in waiting
    for someone that only is your dreams come true?

    I remember what you like,
    but in case I forget I have one photograph,
    but the things I will remember most
    are things like your smile and things like your laugh.

    I will always remember
    sitting in the front of your car,
    with music playing too loud,
    playing air guitar.

    When you pulled the trigger in your car,
    there was a pink blanket in the make seat,
    and that pink blanket was mine,
    You had seen wins, and loss, and now showed me defeat.

    You thought since I grew up
    and you knew that I would be okay,
    that it was finally time to end your life,
    but did you know you did it on my birthday?

    You said in the note
    that I added four years to your life,
    and I wish I could have added more,
    maybe if I would you'd have had a wife.

    I don't have many memories, but the ones I do I'll never forget,
    because even though I was only four
    I remember what you looked like on the outside
    and so much more.

    I think of you every day,
    and often shed a tear,
    you would be turning fifty
    next year.

    All of my life
    I'll wait for you,
    and in Heaven if your there,
    you'll know what you put me through.

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    Latest Shared Story

    My bestfriend and first love committed suicide last week March 7th 2012 because his girlfriend wanted to take a break and he loved her too much. He went home and took one of his fathers guns...

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  16. 56. Untitled

    • By Lisa Clark
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    What people don't realize is that a lot of people feel like this. Like they are trapped and no one wants to help them.
    Dedicated to all those who feel not a soul cares. Because someone does.. you just have to find that person.

    Taken from a dream,
    And placed in what I call reality.
    Scattered hearts lay about
    Waiting to be fixed again.
    Scars lay upon the skin of those
    Who cry for help.
    No one to care.
    Asleep with their minds
    They think they're trapped.
    They are.
    Not a soul to help them out
    But the ones that are
    There with them.
    Single tears fall from those
    Who know it's pointless;
    Pointless to prove to others
    That all we need is help.
    They walk away...
    With not a fear that
    I might die.

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  17. 57. Suicide Of My Cousin

    • By Luke Kulukundis
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2009

    My Cousin who had been living with my family for some time had been in a messy relationship. His girlfriend started making his life hell, but I do not know the rest of the reasons for him committing suicide. I took my sheer anger, depression and everything else I felt out into this poem, I hope you enjoy it.

    Yesterday last year, you were right here,
    And yet now you feel so far away,
    Your rotting underground but your face is in my head,
    I don't understand it because you're meant to be dead.

    I don't get why you did what you did,
    But who am I to judge,
    You had you're reasons and I didn't own your life,
    But I wish you had thought of us.

    Now I'm remembering it's getting harder to forget,
    Getting my home to see my Mum's face all wet,
    I ask myself questions that burn in my head,
    I need safety, comfort, so I go under my bed.

    The dull pain of grief throbs stronger every time,
    I can't understand and I'm sure I never will,
    I don't want to miss you you've committed a crime,
    Because now when I think of you all I feel is a chill.

    There's an empty space where you're meant to be,
    There's a space in the puzzle that only you can fit,
    I don't understand why you did what you did,
    But the day you did it I stopped being a kid.

    By Luke Kulukundis aged 13

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  18. 58. My Best Friend Patrick

    • By Crystal Armstrong
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2014

    19 is too young for a best friend to die. It leaves me wondering why he did it, why he never said a word. He never left a note. My older brother, Branden, found him. His life long friend. Hanging in his closet. I can only imagine how he feels. He never cried once. I think he is still in shock, or maybe he just breaks down alone like me. I think about Patrick every single day, and what everyone would be like if he were still here today.

    You thought of all of your problems
    Then you thought of your pain
    This went on for years and years
    Eventually you went insane.
    Sunk into a deep depression
    You never failed to hide.
    Fake smiles made us think you were okay.
    Fake laughs to erase our doubt.
    You were dying inside and couldn't find a way out.
    One last goodbye, to your best friend,
    your sisters, your mother.
    For it was the end.
    Walked up to your bedroom, feeling 20 feet tall.
    You took the tie, put it around your door,
    Then ended it all.
    My big brother found you,
    cold and without breath.
    I remember my Mom getting the call.
    Big brother came home, tears on his face.
    Went into his room and just stared at the wall.
    We couldn't believe it.
    You were a son, a brother, and a loving friend.
    19 was too early for it to end.
    I don't remember if I even got to say goodbye.
    But I hope you know I love you, I wish I could see your happy face.
    The years have gone by, and I try to remember such little things.
    Your smile, the way you talked, all the jokes we had.
    I write down memories of those happy times, when we were all together.
    I know that I will never get to see you again.
    But even though you're gone now,
    You will always stay in our hearts,
    My best friend.

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  19. 59. A Cutters Guide To Survive

    • By Lanie
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2007

    This is kind of two poems in one. I hope you like it, and if you do, I hope it makes you feel better about something.

    As I sit in my room,
    Wondering what I should do,
    I slowly take this knife,
    And try to form a better life.
    The pain is released from my body by now,
    I just can't help but to scream out loud.
    Everything is erased,
    I know I can easily be replaced.
    I'm stuck in this place,
    Against all human race,
    Drinking away the pain,
    It keeps me from going insane.
    The dark is one place I don't fear,
    Asking myself, when am I getting out of here?
    These thoughts keep coming to my mind,
    Just wish I could find,
    The truth that says it all.
    I want to give up and just let everything fall.
    The world as we know it is coming to an end.
    I'm wondering if I should press, delete, or send?
    Where were you when I needed you the most?
    Why are you so scared of my ghost?
    Trying to keep from falling apart,
    Stabbing me in the heart.
    I know that my future isn't supposed to be here,
    It's supposed to be in a grave that is very near.
    I want to say goodbye to my family and friends,
    Just want to let you know that there are dead ends.
    Whatever happens in the future,
    I want you to know what I say is pure.
    If there was one piece of advice I could give,
    I would say just sit back and live how you want to live.
    Now I think it's time for me to go,
    In hopes that this poem will bring you home.
    Is this **** really true,
    I don't know what else I can do.
    I want to give you this rose,
    The end was so close,
    But now it's so far away,
    That is I'm done, I have no more to say.

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    Don't ever feel that your pain is going to end with taking away your life. It doesn't, you just stop living, and your very last memory of life is how unhappy you are. That is it. The Only...

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  20. 60. Feeling Alone

    • By Emily
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2008

    This is dedicated to all kids out there who are bullied and feel the only way out is suicide. Somebody does care! Always remember that.

    I'm so confused in a world of hate,
    I just want everybody to wait.
    Let me grow up.
    Let the world roll along.
    Just stop all the insults
    From my classmates.

    Is this my fate?
    To forever await the end?
    To scream in my head
    The pain I feel so deep inside
    The hurt, the names, and all the lies.

    I'm so confused in a world of hate.
    The pain I have, so very great.
    I long for the end.
    If only people knew
    all I ever needed was just a friend.

    But now I see the end approaching,
    and now I can leave this world of insults and tormenting
    and go home.

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    This poem touched me in a way I can't describe. Thank you

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